Introduction Of Jangal-E Abr

Jangal-e Abr is a part of the oldest and prettiest forests with rare plant and animal species. It is one of the most beautiful parts of Iran and northeast of the country. This forest, known as the 35,000-hectare stretch of lush green forest in the north of the country. Meanwhile, it is often known as an ocean of clouds. In this forest, the clouds are so close to the trees. This is how the forest seems to be mounted on the clouds. It can be traversed among the clouds and is considered one of the most beautiful landscapes of Iranian nature.

Also, more than 200,000 hectares of grazing area and seedling operations by planting species such as oak, maple, lupine, alder, van, acacia, wild pear, hornbeam, and a number of pine needle and seedling with van, hornbeam species, Oak, wild pear and the above operation is still ongoing.

Geographical location of Jangal-E Abr

Clouds jungle is located in the central Alborz region in Shahroud city and is almost the border of Semnan province and Golestan province. To reach the clouds jungle you have to reach the beautiful city of Bastam, 4 kilometers north of Shahroud on the Shahroud road, then reach the fort after about 18 kilometers. To the north of the village of Qale Noah is a 10-kilometer route to the beginning of the clouds jungle.

Jangal-E Abr vegetation and animals

This forest is 35,000 hectares, and because of its abundance of many animal and plant species, including 85 species of beech, oak, maple hornbeam, lichen, alder, alder, Espresso, Tail Fox, thyme and clover, along with rare plant species such as elm, barangay and yew. But the most famous plant species here is the urs, a tree of cedar.

Animal species are not rare here either. Animals such as brown bears, wolves, leopards, wild pigs, jackals, foxes, whole rabbits, goats and snakes and from Quebec birds, forest pigeons, quails, eagles, vultures, hawks, cuckoos and pheasants. Also, in a 100 m space in this forest, 40 types of medicinal plants have been identified. For example, four to five grams of yew extract, an anti-cancer substance in the uterus and an ovary are extracted. In the lowlands and in May and in areas where you have not yet entered the forest and in the lowlands there are wild and chamomile flowers.

The best season to travel

It is true that the clouds in the area have earned him fame, but it is not always possible to see them. The best time to travel to the clouds jungle is the first half of the year, from early May to early October. But before moving on, you need to check the weather. If the weather in Ali Abad Katul in Golestan province is cloudy and rainy and Shahroud Sunny weather can be expected to see clouds. Clouds emerge from noon to midnight.

jangal e abr travel guide

Travel recommendations

If you are planning a first car trip with a small car or small group, be sure to plan ahead, book your accommodation and get all the equipment you need. Ask local guides and people familiar with the area while in the woods to avoid any problems.

When you are in the clouds jungle, especially if this is your first time coming here, use only the specified routes, and do not take unfamiliar routes. Do not go into the forest as much as possible and try to get around the same parts of the forest as you would if you were lost or hit by a sudden rain.

Wild animals such as boars and bears live in the clouds jungle as well. When leaving the area, be sure to completely extinguish the fire and carry your garbage with you. Having a good road map with a compass and GPS can be a great help to avoid confusion when hiking. If you are interested in photography, sunrise and early morning are the best times to take beautiful pictures.

Make sure you arrive at a safe place before sunset and dark. If you intend to camp, be sure to clear your tent location before this time. Wildlife is much more dangerous in the dark.

jangale abr travel guide 1

How to reach it?

The exact address of Clouds jungle: Semnan Province, Shahrood County, 45 km north of Shahroud, Cloud Village, Clouds jungle. It is 404 km from Tehran to Shahroud. You cross the Afasarieh highway, crossing to eIvanki, Garmsar, Semnan and Damghan and reach Shahrood. If you do not have a car, you can take a taxi to the village of Cloud in Imam Shahroud Square. If you have another city of origin, you should reach Shahroud or Bastam yourself. Drive from Shahroud to the freeway of the city. After 18 km you will reach the new village of Khurqan. After this village you are at the beginning of the cloud village.

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