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Isfahan is one of the biggest and most attractive cities in Iran. If you travel to Iran to discover this huge historic country then you should make sure to put Isfahan as your travel destination a priority. Isfahan is one of the most beautiful and great cities of Iran full of awesome historic and natural attractions and sightseeings. Some of the most famous and best Iran attractions are in Isfahan. Isfahan also is a very famous city for foreign international travelers as one of their most attractive and enjoyable Iran destinations. When you visit this city not only you will be amazed by Isfahan’s famous Iranian architecture historic attractions and buildings but also by taking Isfahan souvenir you will keep this beautiful memory with yourself and can share it with your family and friends through Isfahan souvenir. Some of the best and most famous Iran souvenirs are from Isfahan. Isfahan souvenir is divided into two parts of edible souvenir and handicrafts souvenir. In this article, our aim is to get to know the best and most famous Isfahan souvenir.


Isfahan Gaz is Iran the most famous and delicious Gaz and at the same time the most known Isfahan souvenir among all national and international travelers. Isfahan Gaz has hundreds of years of history and used by Iranian kings as gifts to other kings of the other part of the World. The history of Gaz refers to 450 years before to Safavi era kingdom.

Gaz is obtained from the Gaz tree, this is a mountain tree in which has at most two meters height. This tree grows at the best weather and climate at hills and Isfahan mountains. Gaz has been one of the noblest and priciest gifts and the souvenirs of the Isfahan. This famous edible used by kings to showcase their kindness to other cities or countries of the World. These days Gaz is the Isfahan best and most famous souvenir usee by all local, national, and international travelers and tourists. This is sweet and soft finger food and is designed and decorated with almond and pistachio. Very tasty and delicious is being made in different shapes and tastes and with different materials. So whenever you travel Isfahan be sure to taste this sweet and delicious edible and take lots of it as a nice and tasty souvenir with yourself for yourself, friends and families.

gaz Iranian scaled


After Gaz, Polaki is one of the most famous and delicious Isfahan confectionaries souvenirs. This very great and delicious confectionary is not only popular among tourists but also is very popular among Isfahan local people and citizens. Polanski has a very clear and vivid shape like Polak that’s why it’s called Polanski. Polanski is a very sweet and delicious confectionary and is from a candy family. This candy is being prepared with different tastes and shapes from chocolate to saffron to pistachio and sesame.

Isfahan Poolaki

Isfahan is the birthplace of the beautiful art of enamels. This art these days is the most famous Isfahan art and handi-craft and the most glorious and beautiful Isfahan souvenir. Lots of national and international travelers love this beautiful and great art and shop all the dishes and materials design and decorated with the beautiful art of enamels. Enamels are the art of design and decoration of dishes and materials mainly metalware. This a very historic and traditional art at the same time the most beautiful and hardest to master the art of Isfahan and is a very popular souvenir. If you enjoy beautiful and sexy design and decoration and enjoy amazing paintings on pieces of equipment and dishes then enamels are art to enjoy and love and take with yourself as your most beautiful Iran souvenir.

isfahan handicrafts

The Bottom Line  

Isfahan as one of the most popular and tourism destinations of Iran has a lot to offer and one of its best offerings is its great souvenir. Isfahan has both edible and handicrafts souvenir so you can combine best of the both World and take with yourself the most delicious and most beautiful Iran souvenir as an enjoyable memory of your Iran journey for yourself, family and friends. Are you ready to experience Isfahan as your next travel destination?

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