Isfahan Travel Guide

Getting To Know Isfahan And The Most Popular Isfahan Attractions

Isfahan is one of the biggest and most popular Iran attractions. This city is famous for its amazing ancient Iranian design and architecture and is a must for any international traveler who visits Iran. Isfahan is the center of the Isfahan province with a 250 square kilometer area. Isfahan has been situated at the center of Iran plateau with mild and dry weather. On the average temperature of this city is 13 centigrades and the raining average is 13 millimeters. Totally Isfahan is a dry city but with its Zayande Rood river becomes an awesome place for farming and living. Isfahan has been located at the center of Iran and enjoys great weather and pleasant atmosphere all over the year and seasons and a strategic location at the center and middle of the country.

Isfahan is one of Iran’s most amazing and historic cities with beautiful famous Iranian architecture and glorious natural, cultural and historic attractions and sightseeings all gathered together to shape one of the most beautiful cities of Iran and the World which excites any national and international traveler. Isfahan is famous for its hand-crafts assets and delicious traditional confectionaries like Sohan and Gaz. Isfahan has been the capital of Safavieh kingdom and that’s why it’s a World famous for its glorious gardens, design, architecture and its amazing buildings. In this article, we will get to know the best and most popular Isfahan attractions to visit when traveling Isfahan as an international tourist and traveler.

Chehel Sotuon Palace

Chelle Soton palace has been built at the beginning of the 11th century Ah among garden and buildings and palaces complex of Safavi government house. This mansion has been built with the purpose and welcoming and entertaining foreigner guests and ambassadors. This palace has been built within three levels with one union design and architecture. First level main and great forum, second-level mirror porch and surrounding rooms and third-level column porch which has eighteen wooden columns. The name of the Chelle sotuon is because of its many twenty pillars which inside water reflexes forty pillars.

Wall paintings of Chelle Soton has been implemented by great Savafi painter and artist Reza Abbasi with the style of Iranian miniature. Chehel sotuon is an amazing mansion and a great historical attraction to visit and discover. You will enjoy beautiful Iranian design and architecture combined with nice paintings and glorious panels and arts shows glorious times of Iranian history especially the Safavi era. Make sure to put this historic attraction into your priority as you visit and travel Isfahan.

Chehel Sotun Palace

Naghshe Jahan Square

One of the most beautiful and historic squares of the World is Naghshe Jahan square with a height of 512 meters and a width of 160 meters. At its surroundings, there are rooms with two floors with the exact shape and design. There are four amazing historic attractions around Jahan square which are Alighapo mansion, Imam mosque, Sheikh Allah mosque, and Gheysarieh bazaar gate. These days Jahan square has turned into a center of handicrafts stores and a central place for gatherings of important national and religious events.

naqshe jahan square scaled

Isfahan Gheysarieh Bazaar

Gate of the Gheysarieh bazaar has been located in the north of Naghshe Jahan square. This gate shows one of the most glorious and beautiful paintings of the Safavi era. From this gate, we enter into one of the most beautiful bazaars of the World. This bazaar at the Safavi era has been a place for selling high priced and luxury assets. This is one of the most beautiful, and biggest Iran traditional bazaars. Here is a very active selling center and including different parts for different assets from handicrafts to spices to clothing and shoes, you will find everything you will ever need as a gift or souvenir here. So make sure to visit this great traditional Bazaar and enjoy its amazing design and architecture while shopping your perfect Isfahan gifts and souvenir.

Isfahan Travel Guide

Ali Qapu Mansion

This palace has been built in the 11th century Ah-in six floors. Every floor has its own unique design and decoration. Reza Abbasi the most famous and greatest artist and painter of the Safavi era which has designed and decorated this mansion and has turned it into an amazing palace and mansion of art. Important parts of this palace include a third-floor porch, cupper fountain, and forum on this third floor. Music forum on the sixth floor with its amazing wood-crafting, paintings, decoration, and plaster.

ali qapu palace

Imam Mosque

In the south of the Naghshe Jahan square has been located on of the most beautiful mosques of the World which built by the order of Shah Abbas Safavi. This mosque has been built by great artist Ali  Akbar Esfahani. This amazing mosque is full of great designs and paintings and written art by gold and silver. If you love getting excited and amazed by one of the most beautiful buildings of the World then visiting this mosque will show you great and glorious ancient Iranian design and architecture.

Imam Mosque

Sheikh Lotf Allah Mosque

At the east of the Naghshe Jahan square by the order of first Shah Abbas Safavi developed a mosque for teaching and praying place of Sheikh Lotf Allah one of the greatest religious leaders of the Safavi era. This mosque has been built in a way to, first of all, complete its surrounding buildings and designs and secondly enjoys a great architecture and paintings which has turned it into one of the most beautiful mosques of Iran and the World.

This mosque built at 1011 Ah and completed at 1028 Ah and is one of the most famous and beautiful attractions of Isfahan.

Isfahan Travel Guide

Sieh Pol Bridge

When the Esfahan was the capital of the Safavi kingdom to develop the city it had to forward into the south. The important element for this city developing plan was four garden axis which from the center to the south built in which had six kilometers height. This street and element had to pass the river and architects of the time built Alhordikhan bridge known as the Sioseh Pol bridge. Which is upper of the Zayandeh Rood bridge and in line with four gardens axis.

This bridge built around 1008 Ah and 1011 Ah years and the heights are 300 meters and a width of 14 meters. This bridge has an amazing design and architecture and enjoys a great fit and balance. This bridge has a ceiling hall that provides a secure place for all people winters and summers to pass from this bridge. This is a great combination of engineering and famous Iranian design and architecture.

isfahan Travel Guide

Khajoo Bridge

In the east part of the Zayandeh Rood bridge has been built Khajoo bridge at the year of 1060 Ah at the time of second Shah Abbas of Safavian era. This is a multi-purpose bridge in which the upper part has been built for passage of horses and down is a place for walkers in peace and calm. The design of a d architecture is somehow like Sioseh Pol bridge and is a very beautiful and glorious bridge and one of the most popular and attractive Isfahan attractions and sightseeings. Make sure to visit this bridge and enjoy its great design and its pleasant weather combined with clear and nice water.

Khaju Bridge

Hasht Behesht Palace

Hasht Behesht palace has been located among Bolbol gardens inside the Safavi government house complex. This palace built at the time of the Shah Soleiman kingdom in the middle of the 11th century Ah. This amazing palace has been built in an awesome location in which every entry and exit door has been located at one of its corners. At the south of the Hasht Behesht garden at the time of the Shah Soltan Hossein built complex buildings of schools and bazaars.

The name of this mansion refers to eight doors of heaven. This palace built on two floors with amazing famous Iranian design and decoration. If you love to enjoy amazing gardens with an awesome mansion in the center then Hasht Behesht is going to be your very popular and favorite spot.

hasht behesht garden

The Bottom Line 

Isfahan is one of the greatest and most amazing cities of Iran located at the center of the country with strategic location and pleasant weather all the time. This city has been the capital of the Safavi kingdom and enjoys a great design and architecture. Isfahan has a lot to offer to its visitors from its famous and delicious Gaz and Sohan to great historic, cultural and natural attractions, this is a must city of your Iran journey.

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