Safety in Iran

Iran is a very ancient and historic country located at the heart of the Middle East, southwest part of the Asia continent and the center of the World. Iran is a great modern and unique country that has a lot to offer from its historic and ancient attractions, natural attractions to its modern and amazing sightseeing. Iran is a must for any traveler and World lover. Now with any travel and trip safety and security is a top priority and a very important metric to consider when traveling anywhere in the World. Now, this a question that first of all it safe to travel Iran and secure? And the second question is after your travel is it safe Iran to stay and enjoy as an international tourist? In this article, I’m going to answer these questions and to conclude that yes Iran is a very secure and safe country to travel to and a very safe and secure country to stay and enjoy as an international traveler.

Is Iran Safe ?

Is it safe and secure to travel to Iran?

To travel Iran as your tourism destination you need to have an Iran visa. And the process is a very easy and clear procedure. Yes, it’s safe to apply for an Iran visa. You can easily contact a credible Persian travel agency and provide your necessary documents and then refer to the Iran embassy to receive your Iran visa. No problem or security problem at all, just a very normal process to receive your Iran visa. No matter which country you are from there is a very clear and fast process to receive your Iran visa and within the process, everything for you would be normal and natural and there will never ever be any safety or security risks.

Iran is safe

Inside Iran Is Safe?

Iran is a very modern and beautiful country and safety and security is full here, there are no security risks here at all whether for people of the country or international tourists now let’s dive into more details about the security of Iran.

Safety in Iran


Totally Iran is a very modern country with robust and high technology communications and transportation infrastructure and security are equal with countries like Switzerland, Norway or Canada. So as you see Iran is one of the most secure countries of the World.

For International Tourists

People of Iran are very kind, warm and welcoming people. Here in Iran people live in total peace and security so no matter whether you are at your hotel or house, at any street, park, natural or historic or modern attraction and sightseeing morning, noon, afternoon, night and midnight the country is totally safe and secure and you can easily focus on enjoying your Iran travel journey.

Safety in Iran


Whether you choose to use private transportation like your own car or a VIP rent car or using public transportation like bus, subway, train, airplane, and taxi all over the country you will be completely safe and secure. And there will be no risk at all whether from people or from the transportation system.

Safe For A Foreigner?

Because you are a foreigner there will be no risk and you will be absolutely safe and secure. In fact, people also will help you more to feel more comfortable and relaxing here in Iran and you are sure to enjoy the warm and welcoming behavior of Iranian people with its high peace and security. So rest assured as a foreigner you are as safe as other citizens of Iran and there will be no difference at all. Iran travel Experience 1 1 scaled

The Bottom Line 

When you choose to travel a country one of the first and most important factors you will consider will be its safety and security. Iran as one of the most important and historic beautiful countries of the World is a travel destination for many international travelers and they want to know is Iran completely safe and secure. From receiving Iran visa you will experience a very normal and clear process and procedure to traveling in Iran as an international traveler you will be completely safe and secure no matter which part of the country you are, which place you are, which country are you from when you are in Iran you are in peace and absolute security in which you can focus on enjoying your travel and build life-lasting memories for yourself.

As one of the safest countries in the World, we are here in Iran are very happy to start planning your trip and answer all the questions you may have about traveling Iran.

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