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Iranian DO NOT Hate Americans!

The survey is one of the shortest and easiest ways to understand public opinion, and officials in many countries. These are turning to social, political, economic, and cultural contexts to inform their citizens about their beliefs and manners. The results are of particular interest.

Because of population diversity, the United States is one of the countries where the polls are booming, with numerous reputable institutions and companies, news agencies, and even television news networks regularly polling on topics of interest to the public. The continued hostility of the US administration to the Islamic Republic of Iran since the victory of the revolution and the poisoned anti-Iranian propaganda has shown a bitter image far from the minds of the American public, so measuring public opinion on Iran has always been on the agenda of institutions.

US governments, both Republicans and Democrats, have consistently dealt with Iran’s foreign policy for the past 40 years. and, with the accompanying wide-ranging propaganda platforms, in the context of the ‘Iran-phobia’ doctrine, to isolate Tehran, a false image. To the people of America and then the world.

The policy has intensified in recent times since Trump made his way to the White House, but the question remains as to why, despite the endless hostility of senior US officials to Iran and anti-Iranian propaganda, the American people seem to be in opposition to their official government. And what has happened is that the American people’s sense of hostility to Iran over a 12-year period has declined to 7.6 percent from 31 percent.

There are numerous answers to these questions. First, as noted earlier, hostility to Iran is a virus imposed by US officials and media propaganda against the American public and society, and its public opinion is one-sided in the flow of news.

Friendship of nations

Because of the historical animosities between Iran and the US, I thought the Iranian people didn’t like the Americans. But later I realized my thinking was wrong. Iranians are very curious and interested in Americans. Most of the people we met liked to travel to the United States. They may not like the US government, but they have nothing against the American people.

Iranian Friendship Guest

The guest is a friend of God, this sentence has a special place in Iranian culture. Whether you are a foreign tourist or a compatriot Iranians are ready to welcome you with the best of everything. It is a centuries-old tradition that exists among the Iranian people. And in recent years as more tourists travel to Iran, they have just been informed about this feature, which is one of Iranian pride. Tourists are curious to know more about the country and the hospitality of the people has brought home memories that they will never forget.

Iran Is A Safe Destination For Americans

It is better to know that given the events that have taken place in recent days between Iran and the US. Iranians still love the American people and have no problem with them. What is happening between Iran and the US is mainly political, and governments are more involved. As one of the most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations, Iran remains a safe and secure place for American tourists, and American people can enjoy coming to Iran and visiting its tourist attractions.

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