coronavirus vaccine

Since 9 months ago, coronavirus is the first death factor in Iran. The entire country affected so severely and many people are suffering from this terrible disease. To avoid more pollution, the Iranian government is trying two strategies sycronizingly. The first matter is to start some limitation strategies to stop shops, malls, and those businesses leading to the crowd. In addition, the second strategy is to make the most of the efforts on founding coronavirus vaccine within Iranian borders. 

Although vaccine production seems a really long-lasting procedure; but due to coronavirus expansion government invested a lot. This is how many Iranian companies are working on it 24/7. 

What time to expect the Iranian vaccine? 

Based on what the official news announced, It’s not still turned to appear in the market. But, among all of those 8 Iranian coronavirus vaccines; 5 of them revieced official approves from The World Health Organization. 

 Iranian vaccine is now leading to human test counting on official news. But there’s no declared specific time and date for vaccine release. Alongside the Iranian vaccine, some other countries like the USA, Russia, China, UK & Germany are working on it. But due to international sanctions; it’s a bit hard to expect any non-Iranian vaccine to come to Iran at the beginning. 

As one of the most affected industries in Iran, tourism highly suffered a-lot. This is why all of us hope for any rapid global treatments. Whether Iranian vaccine or any international vaccines from the other countries.

How effective vaccine will be of tourism industry ?

It’s totally obvious that the Coronavirus vaccine can rescue the entire world. This is all countries can turn to their normal lives again. As a result, Iran will again be counted as a worth to see destination within the Middle-East. In addition, any probable change in sanction strategies by the new USA government by Joe Biden; will be more beneficial. It means more people around the world can travel to Iran with no specific international limitations.

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