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The winter season is one of the most exciting and, of course, cool seasons for special trips. As you know, most people consider summer and spring as the best travel seasons. But it is best to know that in the four seasons of Iran, there are many beautiful areas that are considered to be the best places for winter travel in the interior and perhaps not attractive enough to travel in other seasons of the year.

Iran’s best cities for winter travel

You need to consider a few things to choose the perfect city for your winter trip. First, is the cold a nuisance to you, and do you plan to travel to the tropics? If the cold can annoy you, it is advisable to travel to cities such as Kish, Sistan, Ahvaz and Shush, Arvand and Bandar Abbas. Overall cities in the south of the country will be the perfect option for your trip. Of course, if you choose Kish as your winter travel destination you should bear in mind that the cost of traveling to Kish may be higher than in any other season. But if the cold doesn’t bother you, most Iranian cities can be a good option for your trip. In winter, each city of Iran has its own attractions and it is best to choose your destination according to other factors.

The winter season certainly has its charm and of course many people look forward to winter and snowy days. Unlike those who consider winter to be the season of cold and cloudy days and depression. Fortunately, Iran is a land of four seasons and at all times of the year there are tourist and travel attractions. And some of them are among the best attractions as the best destinations for winter trips and escape from the cold snow.

Some of the best destinations for winter travel in Iran include:

Dizin ski resort

Among the tracks around Tehran, Disneyland is the first and best option for skiing. Dizin ski resort is also the most equipped ski resort in Iran. The diesel has 4 traps, 9 plate skis, and 1 hammer trap. It’s best to know that in summer, Disneyland is also used for skiing.

Derak Mountain

Qeshm salt caves

Salt Cave is on the list of tourist and tourist attractions of Qeshm Island and is 100 km away. Qeshm salt cave, also known as the world’s longest salt cave. The reason why it is named after the salt in the environment is because of its salt-like form and the cone of the corridors in the heart of the mountain and the best time to visit it is winter.

In this cave you can see the beautiful and natural candlesticks of salt and even bring salt as edible salt. Also, because of the saltiness of the cave and the disinfectant effect of the salt, the cave air is also curative.

Island of the Stars in Qeshm

About 5 kilometers from Qeshm city, there is one of the most beautiful wonders of Iran called Valley of the Stars. A place that has a life of two million years. A place with statues and exquisite sandstone pillars that are so mesmerizing and beautiful.

According to the legend of the locals, a star crashed into this spot many years ago and created this place. That’s why it’s called Star Island. The people of Qeshm, of course, believe that this place is a zone of prosperity and goblins are afraid of going out at night. Star Valley is also part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Qeshm Island Geopark and is of global importance and can be on your list of best destinations for winter travel.

Island of Hormozgan

The island is located in the Persian Gulf at a distance of 50 kilometers and is actually in the southern part of Qeshm Island. There are many lead and salt mines on this beautiful island. If you want to enjoy the beautiful, colorful beaches and dolphins in winter, be sure to visit the island when it is time. The island is the best place to escape the cold snow and winter trips.

There is no electricity, gas or technology on the island, and the opportunity to live in the past and enjoy the pristine nature and surroundings. Even for these reasons, traveling and living on the island has its own charm.

Hormoz island

The island of Hormuz is famous for its red soil. The soil that blends in with the blue of the sea can be one of the souvenirs of your trip. On the island of Hormuz you should not miss sightseeing such as:

The Sculpture Valley, The Rainbow Valley, and the Strait of Hormuz.

In general, the southern regions of the country are always the best destinations for winter travel. This is how it seems a good opportunity to escape the winter cold.

Chabahar Martian Mountains

If you drive about 50 kilometers from Chabahar to Gwadar Bay, there are mountains called Miniature or Martian Mountains. It is also historically significant and has a rich past. Explorations of this area also include a variety of marine fossils. They are indicating that the area has not been dry and submerged in the past.

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