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Can You Travel Iran Without Sanctions Worries? The New Rule Says Yes For Sure

Iran is one of the most amazing, historic and great countries to travel and experience as an international tourist. There is no doubt about this that’s why Iran is so popular a tourism destination which lots of tourists willing to travel Iran. With recent political tensions between the United States Of America and Iran and some sanctions against Iran, some travelers and tourists may be worried about traveling Iran and its results when coming back to their home countries. But now there is a new rule which vanishes your worries about traveling Iran totally.

” Based on the order of the President of Islamic Republic Of Iran, Now a Then Passport Stamps For Entry And Exit Of Travelers To & From Iran Will Be Removed “

This new order and rule will be fully implemented at all ground, sea, and air Iran borders. So you will have no worries about traveling Iran because there will be no entry and exit stamp on your passport in which you entered or exited Iran. This new rule will make your travel totally risk free from the U.S.A sanctions. So now let’s see exactly how this new rule works for you.

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How does this work

The procedure for receiving the Iran visa remains the same as follows :

  • First of all, you should download the Iran visa form from the home page of this website, fill the form and send it to the agency via upload center or contact means like an email or a social contact app like Telegram or Whats app. 
  • Then one of our travel experts contact you and want you to send it a color scan of your passport and your color new photo of yourself. 
  • After this procedure, you will receive a ” reference code ” from the agency and the Iran embassy you should refer to. 
  • Now with your reference code, you will refer to the told Iran embassy along with your passport and your new color photo and receive your Iran visa. 
  • Also, it’s essential to have Iran travel insurance to collect your Iran visa.
  • Alongside international travel insurance companies, there is some Persian travel insurance company that will provide you Iran travel insurance very fast and easy both online and in person. 
  • Now with this new Iran rule when you enter Iran no matter through ground, sea or air by airport your passport will not have any Iran entry and exit stamp. 
  • So your travel to Iran will be totally risk-free from the United States Of America sanctions. 

Why There Is This New Rule?

Due to recent Iran and United States Of America political sanctions. America sanctioned Iran and these sanctions maybe have effects for some travelers touring Iran, but with this new Iran travel rule, sanctions will have no effect because there will be no sign of your travel to Iran. And this means totally hassle-free travel to Iran for all international Iran lover travelers.

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What You Should Know About This Rule?

With this new rule after you receive your Iran visa and travel Iran through ship, airplane or train, upon your arrival there will be no entry stamp on your passport and when you exit Iran there will be no exit stamp on your passport and this means no clue of your travel to Iran so you will be worry-free about United States Of America sanctions totally .

The Bottom Line

With the new order from President of the Islamic Republic Of Iran, now a then for all Worldwide international travelers there will be no Iran entry and exit stamp on their passport. This means there will be no sign of traveling Iran on your passport and this removes all your worries about Iran sanctions.

Should you have any questions about traveling Iran? Then just contact us and one of our travel experts will be more than happy to assist you and welcome you Iran.



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