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Frequently Asked Questions About, Traveling Iran

Iran is one of the best places in the World to travel, see, and experience. As an international traveler, of course, there are some questions that you may have about traveling Iran that needs to be answered by the Iran travel experts correctly. There are some questions about traveling Iran that are repeated from time to time and we call these FAQs about traveling Iran. So in this article, we are going to answer some of these questions and at the other articles, other FAQs will be answered. So let’s get started.

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How To Travel Iran?

In order to travel Iran, you need first see whether your country needs Iran visa or not then first of all download the Iran visa form from the website, provide your documents to your chosen credible Persian travel agency, refer to the Iran embassy and receive your Iran visa. Also, you can receive an Iran airport visa by providing your necessary documents at the Iran airport.

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What Are Necessary Documents To Receive Iran Visa?

These are the necessary documents :


Scan of your passport

Your passport information

Color new photo of yourself

Filling Iran visa form

Iran Tourist Visa

Is Iran Safe To Travel?

Yes, Iran as one of the most important and modern countries of the World is a very safe and secure country all over the year and all the time. Safety and security are guaranteed here and is equal to countries like Switzerland and Norway.

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When To Travel Iran?

Iran has been located at the center of the World, southwest of the Asia continent known as the Middle East. This strategic location has given Iran a very great weather and atmosphere. Iran is a four seasons country and always is the best time to travel but here is what you need to know about seasons :

Summer: summer Iran has pleasant weather in Iran and in this season north of the country is the best to explore.

Spring: Spring brings new Iranian year. This season all over the country from north to west and east to west is awesome to visit.

Fall: fall in Iran has cool and nice weather and all over the country especially north, center and south are awesome for travel.

Winter: winter in Iran is cold and nice but also very great and pleasant weather and the best time to enjoy the south of the country mostly.

Again as said before Iran is a four seasons country and always is the best time to travel Iran.

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Iran Free Zones :

All countries of the World citizen can travel Iran free zones including Kish island for fourteen days without any need for any visa and just by your passport you can experience Iran free zone.


How To Dress In Iran :

Iran is a very modern and great country and while there are some rules, there are no strict  rules here :

For women headscarf to wear a scarf is necessary also shoulders and upper part of the arms and feet to knees must be covered

There is no need to wear dark colors

Light and beautiful colors are encouraged

For men, everything is the same as other modern countries of the World

Five Reasons to Visit Iran

About Iran :

Iran is one of the most important countries of the World with below features :

  • Iran has 90M population with mostly young people under 40 years old
  • GDP of Iran is $400B
  • GDP per Capita is $5k
  • Inflation mostly is double-digit
  • The unemployment rate is around 20%
  • Located at the center of the World at the Middle East
  • A very modern country with great modern communications and transportation infrastructure
  • People are most knowledgeable and tech-savvy and know at least one or two foreign languages
  • People here are warm and welcoming
  • Iran is a very modern country, people all have modern lifestyle and living standards and high-speed internet is available all the time
  • A great historic country with over 5000 years of history
  • Full of awesome modern, natural and historic attractions and sightseeings
  • Tehran is the capital of the country with over 20N daily population
  • Tehran is a megacity and one of the biggest, most modern, luxury and beautiful cities of the World
  • All modern life features like luxury shopping centers and malls, restaurants, coffee shops, plazas, amusement centers, and local and international foods are available here
  • The consumer market is huge and with high expectations
  • Iran is one of the wealthiest countries of the World and with 1% of the population has over 10% of all World natural resources

The Bottom Line

Traveling Iran is a very easy and enjoyable experience in which you can explore unique destinations and different cultures of the diverse country of Iran. If you are ready to start your Iran journey then contact us to plan a fully customized and luxury trip for you based on your interests, preferences, and budget.

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