Car Rental

Renting a car has become and grown into a fully featured mature industry all over the World. Ease of use, on-demand services, and diversity have helped turned this industry into one of the most essential and used travel services Worldwide. When traveling to Iran and after your decision about your desired destinations and hotels, the transfer is what matters most. Car rental in Iran is also a great industry which in recent years, has grown exponentially and has turned into an international level industry ready to serve its local, national, and international customers.

Now, what are your options for car rental in Iran?

  • You can choose from a diverse range of cars from super luxury president level cars to super sports formula one level cars 
  • You can choose to have a car with a driver or have a car without a driver and drive yourself 
  • Prices in Iran compare to international level is very lower 

There are many car rental companies in Iran which can help you to choose your best car and best option. You can book online or in person. If you know Iran and its driving standards then you can easily rent a car without a driver but as the first time traveler, the best option is to experience a super luxury car service with a knowledgeable driver.

Here in this agency, we are more than happy to assist you with car rental services and consult and book the best possible car rental option for you. Just contact us and one of our travel experts will guide you fully about your all options.

car rental in iran

Travel Insurance

Wherever you want to travel no matter whether it’s national or international you must have travel insurance too, first of all, give you peace of mind and cover any unexpectations. Travel insurance is a rapidly growing industry Worldwide due to the exponential growth of international travel. Also for any international travel rather all countries and destinations have made it essential to have travel insurance to receive a visa and travel the country. Iran as a very great and popular travel destination is not an exception at all. To receive an Iran visa and travel Iran you should have travel insurance to cover any unexpectations. Due to some political tensions between Iran and the west and some sanctions against Iran, not all international travel insurance companies offer Iran travel insurance. So, first of all, make sure the travel insurance company covers Iran too and then get ready to apply for an Iran visa.

In this agency, our travel experts are ready to guide you about travel insurance companies that cover Iran too and assist and even book you an Iran travel insurance online or in-person for you.

Alongside international travel insurance companies, also there are Persian travel insurance companies that can provide your Iran travel insurance online and in person. Our travel experts are here to assist you to choose your most appropriate travel insurance option.

iran travel insurance

MICE Travel

MICE is an acronym for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions. Is a type of group travel tourism dedicating to planning, booking, facilitating and taking apart conferences, events, and events? In this type of group travel tourism different large groups gather together to hold an event. This is a very money maker and rapidly growing trend worldwide and is becoming more and more popular day by day. Iran as a modern country has great communication and transportation infrastructure, full of super luxurious hotels nationwide and has very great spaces and areas like Milad tower dedicated to events, conferences and any type of exhibitions. So if you love to take apart a great international level event then Iran is your best option.

This agency is fully ready to consult and guide you about your event, the best city or cities to take apart your events, the best and most appropriate hotel and hotels to host all guests and the best place and places to take apart your international event.

Here are what we can do for you :

  • Help you and your guests to receive Iran visa
  • Consult and book you the best hotels for you and your guests 
  • Consult and book you the best and most appropriate event centers
  • Full assist you about the transfer, Iran attractions, translations, and all your Iran travel needs, wants and requests. 

Just contact us and one of our travel experts will guide you along the way.

MICE services in Iran

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