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Iran has the most surprising places that make meditation return the fullest results in being at peace in yourself defining this peace as freedom, vital freshness, and harmony through our Yoga Tours, that can make the natural blessedness unfolds in you as you feel this peace and you increasingly realize this as the core essence of your life, this country can really make the realization of yoga, a clear knowledge of the oneness of your self with the source of all life, we can promise you the mystic state of awareness using one of our Yoga Tours with help of our Yoga teaches and wonderful settings that can really give you the connection to the breath, making it mindful. Working with the body to find resistance, while maintaining the breath, finding silence in the midst of a storm, If you would like to have more details, please send us a note.


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Before getting to this point, let us tell you the more you have time the more you could visit Iran as much as possible. Iran is rich in terms of cultural and historical attractions in a way that is not going to make you limited due to lack if thing to do and to visit. But, if you’re looking for the most highlighted cities and attractions to visit, just note Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Kashan and Yazd in your desired itinerary.

Although there are numerous Iran cultural tours, but for the first iran tour, it would be better to have an itinerary which starts from Tehran , the capital city of Iran that is known as the city of museums and the royal palaces, then Shiraz, home of superb evidences Achaemenid dynasty in addition to the remains monuments of And dynasty, Isfahan , the awesome collection of breathtaking monuments of Safavid dynasty, and finally Yazd, where is home of tall minarets and is now only unesco world heritage listed city of Iran.

Not to be in rush, not be miss any attraction! If you’re looking for an Iran cultural tour like this, just notice that you should have 7 night time in Iran, Maximum to visit the entire above mentioned cities; however, our tours are available from 4 nights (in a way just to visit Tehran and kashan as a short trip.

Iran Yoga Tours