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Birdwatching is an Eco touristic and almost hundred percent eco-friendly activity including taking trips usually to the nature in order to observe and explore unique and rare types of birds which are not found everywhere on earth and getting familiar with the mysterious and amazing life of such birds. Birdwatching is among the nature based activities which requires silence, calmness and patience and gives you back beauty and pleasure in return. Both normal people with basic knowledge about birds and very specialist birdwatchers with detailed information about every kinds of birds can enjoy this.  A birdwatcher sometimes plans a trip to another continent to visit a type of bird right at a specific time of the year. Although birds can be seen throughout the year in some places like Iran, it is said that autumn an after that spring are the best times of the year for birdwatching as these are their immigration seasons.


Most important
Birds of Iran

In Iran there are 523 bird species in different categories of rare, which are randomly noted in Iran, Andemic birds which are the species only found in Iran and etc. Thanks to the variety of climate and height levels in Iran, each area has its own types of birds which is the reason why there are different lands suitable for birdwatching in Iran:

Desert and dry climate which cover central and eastern Iran including Lut and central desert, Baluchistan and Khuzestan is home to birds like, Hooded wheatear, Ammomanes Cincturus, Hoopoe, finches and the Persian ground Jay (Zagh Boor) which is found specifically in Lut Desert of Iran and in semi-arid climates of Iran, unique birds like sandgrouse, Bee-eater Merpos and Black-headed Bunting Emberiza are widely found. Mountainous lands of Iran like Zagros and Alborz are also home to bird species like golden Eagle, Lammergeier, Alpine Swift, Black Redstart, snowcock and etc.

Where are the best places for birdwatching in Iran?

There are many places in Iran that now host birdwatchers from all over the world especially in autumn. Almost 55 percent of bird species (about 106000 birds) of this country are living on plains and mountains of West Azerbaijan Province and below are some other well-known spots for birdwatching in Iran:

Miankaleh Peninsula

This untouched area registered as a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO, is located in Mazandaran Province in northern Iran and is the most famous birdwatching spot in Iran. In Miankaleh Peninsula you can enjoy watching Pheasants and Francolinus that permanently live here and immigrant birds like wild geese, Wooper swan, Terns, Flamingos and different ducks. Miankaleh also has very untouched and eye-catching landscapes.

Fereydunkenar Wetland

This wetland is a birdwatching area in northern Iran, as well and the unique thing about this place is that it is home to the last Siberian Crane! Every autumn, this male bird flies 3000 kilometers to Fereydunkenar and stays here until mid-February. Fereydunkenar Wetland with its lush and amazing nature is located in the south of the city with same name in Mazandaran Province, and is also home to other species like, cormorant, swan, pelican, falcons and eagles.

Mighan Wetland

Mighan Wetland in Markazi province is the only wetland in central Iran which hosts immigrant birds and birdwatchers who seek them. Because of the mild weather during autumn and winter, 12000 birds from northern Iran and Siberia fly here and make it a fabulous place for observing birds especially cranes during November. Mighan Wetland is also the place where 60 percent of mammals in Markazi Province live, which proves the very rich fauna of the area.

Tehran city park

This may sound weird, but this city Park, located in a crowded and chaotic city like Tehran is one of the great places for birdwatching in Iran, which hosts 40 local and immigrant bird species during a year. Some of this immigrant birds fly long distances from African countries and North Asian areas. So if you are visiting the city of Tehran in autumn you can visit this magnificent birdwatching park by only taking a subway!

In each birdwatching area, there are nature lover locals who are good sources of information about birds, the time they migrate, how long they live and such information. There are also specialist birdwatchers who have more detailed information about these species and can lead you very well during your birdwatching tour in Iran.

What do you need for birdwatching in Iran?

You can enjoy watching amazing birds without any specific or professional equipment or device, but the equipment and tools that can make this activity more joyful and easy include, binoculars, photography cameras (preferably silent shutter ones), notebook or notepads for writing down observations and birds guide books or digital applications for collecting more information about birds you see. Aside from what mentioned, basic camping equipment, nature outfit and shoes, sunglasses, hats and sun screen are what will come handy during this interesting activity.

Iran Birdwatching Tours