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Steps To Receive Your Iran Visa | A Comprehensive Guide

Iran is an awesome place to visit, whether it be for tourism or health tourism your journey starts with receiving Iran visa. As Iran is a great modern important country receiving Iran visa is an easy process and a fast procedure so in this article I’m going to show you a step by step process you will need to receive your Iran visa and start your awesome journey to Iran.

Options To Receive Your Visa :

To receive Iran visa in general, there are actually two options for you as a foreign citizen :

Applying for Iran visa

Receiving Iran airport visa

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You can actually choose which type you prefer to receive your visa. If you’d like to receive your visa before your travel and flight then applying for a visa is going to be your perfect choice but if you’d love to receive your visa at your arrival at the Iran airport then receiving Iran airport visa would be your choice. Now it’s time to know the process each option takes to receive your Iran visa. Ready? Perfect let’s get started.

Applying For Iran Visa :

Here are the steps needed to apply to receive your Iran visa :

  1. Your decision about traveling Iran for tourism or health tourism
  2. Contact a credible travel agency for Iran
  3. After free consultation about your situation, they will need your documents to provide you a ” reference code “
  4. Documents are your new color photo and your passport alongside Iran visa form filling
  5. After receiving your ” reference code ” you will be guided to refer to an  Iran embassy
  6. Refer to Iran embassy, provide your ” reference code ” and essential documents including your color new photo and passport
  7. Receive your Iran visa
  8. Flight to Iran easily & experience Iran fully

Iran tourist visa

Receiving Iran Airport Visa :

As your second option, you can receive your visa at the Iran airport upon your arrival at an Iranian airport. Here are the steps to receive your Iran airport visa :

  • Flight to Iran and bring with yourself your passport, your passport copy information, and your new color photos with a size of 6×4
  • Upon arrival at the Iranian airport, you will see the area in which you will be in line with other passengers to provide your necessary mentioned documents and receive your Iran airport visa
  • Enjoy traveling Iran fully


Which Option To Use To Receive My Iran Visa?


It all depends on you to decide which option you prefer to use to receive your Iran visa but here are some notes about these two options :

  • Except for some specific countries, all other World countries’ citizens have these two options available to receive their Iran visa to travel Iran
  • If you love planning and not to wait at the airport then applying for a visa before your travel would be your perfect option
  • Receiving Iran visa
  • before travel is less risky than airport visa
  • Receiving an airport visa can last up to two hours at the airport
  • Receiving an airport visa is done at Iran airport so you don’t need any preparation beforehand

Some Notes About Iran Visa :

  • Iran visa is credible for 30 days
  • All World countries’ citizens can travel to Iran free zones without any visa for 14 days
  • People under 18 must have their satisfaction letter to receive Iran visa

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The Bottom Line

Iran is a beautiful four seasons country to visit and people are ready to welcome you all around the year. Except for some countries, other World countries’ citizens to travel Iran must have Iran visa and to do so there are two options available for these travelers which number one is applying to receive visa before travel which needs your necessary travel documents, receiving your reference code from a credible travel agency and referring to the embassy to receive your Iran visa or you can choose the second option to receive your Iran visa at the airport of Iran upon your arrival by providing your necessary document.

The choice is yours to decide an out which one you prefer to start your Iran journey. To summarize receiving an Iran visa is a very clear and easy process and can be done as fast as possible for you via yourself or through a credible travel agency who does the work for you.

If you have any questions about receiving your Iran visa, just contact us and our Iran experts will guide you.

Note :

Except these below countries, other countries have this article condition to receive their Iran visa :

Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Egypt, Georgia, Afghanistan, China: These countries don’t need Iran visa to travel Iran and can easily travel Iran via their passports.

U.S. A, England, and Canada: These countries only can apply for Iran visas and can’t receive an airport Iran visa.

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