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The 8th meeting of the Private Sector Tourism Policy Council held on the evening of Tuesday, September 2, 2020. The meeting chaired by the Ministery of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts, with good news for the tourism industry. Iran National Tourism Brand introduced within this meeting.

According to Imna, the Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts, appreciate the efforts made for the national tourism brand. He said: The place of the national tourism brand was really empty and today. We are happy that this brand is developing and unveiling will be. 

What does this brand mainly about?

According to Dr. Munesan’s announcement, this brand can identify in our promotional items. In addition to the public sector, the private sector can also use it in their correspondence and promotional items. The Minister of Tourism also referred to the unveiling of the new version of the Iranian tourism portal. The new version of this portal seems now well designed and translated into five living languages of the world.

He said: “Iran’s comprehensive tourism portal is in fact a rich source for familiarizing domestic and foreign tourists with tourism capacities as well as cultural and historical monuments along with traditional arts and even customs and food of different regions of the country.”

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Iran National Tourism Brand Role in Improving Inbound Tourism 

In another part of his speech, Dr.Munesan referred to the issue of foreign tourism and added: “The process of attracting foreign tourists and the experience of visa waiver with China and Oman was a positive trend and a good experience.”

He said: “Currently, some countries starting the issue of attracting foreign tourists and foreign trips are preparing to these countries. We can also start the issue of attracting foreign tourists again by considering the opinion of the Ministry of Health and observing health protocols.”

The Minister of Heritage, Culture, Tourism, and Handicrafts continued: “In this regard, I will pay a visit to Russia. This is how the issue of bilateral visa waiver between Iran and Russia will be finalized.”

What’s Iranian government plan to rescue tourism industry ?

Teymouri, the country’s Deputy Minister of Tourism, also presented a report for government’s support for tourism industry within the meeting. Million tomans of facilities have been paid to the applicants. He added: “This is while a new support package for tourism activists is being developed, in which issues such as granting 12% facilities with a one-year respite are being considered.”

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