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Iran is an awesome and modern country to visit. One of the main reasons that Iran is a great country to travel is its amazing superior and luxury hotels besides other factors of history, location, nature, and amazing culture and people. In this article, I will introduce you to the top five luxury hotels in Iran.

Mashhad Darvishi Luxury Hotel

This super luxury five-star hotels with its modern look and architecture are 1.5KM away from Imam Reza Holy Shrine. Located at Imam Reza street one of the most important and strategic locations of the city leading to Imam Reza Holy Shrine. This amazing hotel has all super luxury facilities including a water sports complex, spa and massage centers, beauty centers, banks, ATMs, shopping centers, congress centers, amusement parks, travel agencies, photo centers, and all modern sports and games centers. This huge hotel has 25 floors and is full of luxury local and international coffee shops and restaurants. Darvishi hotel has 223 rooms all decorated exclusively unique and with great traditional and modern eastern and western architecture. All rooms include all the necessary and super luxury facilities you will ever need.

Darvishi Hotel

Isfahan Abbasi Hotel

This superior hotel is one of the Iran and World oldest hotels with a history of over 300 years has been built in 1106 by King Hossein with Iranian amazing architecture. Gifted to her mother and is famous and known around the World as one of the World’s most historic, iconic and beautiful hotels. Abbasi hotel has been situated within an amazing 6000 meters Iranian garden and this combination of beautiful plants and water lets guests fully enjoy and feel comfortable. This marvelous hotel has lots of awesome traditional restaurants, coffee shops, and garden restaurants all decorated with amazing Iranian architecture Have 225 rooms all equipped with the latest and cutting edge facilities and technologies with their own unique wonderful architecture?

abbasi hotel

Kish Toranj Sea Hotel

Kish Toranj sea hotel is the Iran and Middle East first and only sea hotel located at the magnificent beach of the Persian Gulf. Located at the northwest of the Kush beautiful island and include 100 suites all above the sea with their amazing glass floor. Suites are from 40M to 120M with their own unique balconies. Each balcony has an awesome view of sunrise and sunset which lets guests enjoy nature fully. This hotel is a green hotel and has been built to be eco-friendly. This super luxury and unique hotel is completely safe all the time and include all modern facilities from luxury shopping centers and spa and massage centers to restaurants, coffee shops, water sports complex, and beach sports facilities. All suites have all super luxury features and facilities combined with luxury VIP transfer services.

toranj hotel

Tehran Espinas Palace Hotel

The most luxury of Tehran and Iran hotel located in the northwest part of Tehran Saadat Abad. This location will let guests to fully enjoy the amazingly pleasant weather of the area. Espinas palace hotel is a super luxury five stars hotel with 20 floors in which you can enjoy a magnificent view of Tehran from this awesome and beautiful hotel. This super luxury hotel has lots of services and facilities from traditional and modern restaurants and coffee shops to shopping centers, luxury brands center, sports complex, banks, beauty and message centers, congress centers, offices, and many more. A combination of the amazing location, super-luxury decoration, and architecture and ultra-modern facilities has turned this hotel into the best and most luxurious hotel of Tehran and Iran. This amazing hotel has 400 rooms and suites all equipped with the most modern features and facilities with an amazing view of Tehran. Also, the keyboard is available for guests to flight to the hotel. VIP transportation is also a great service from this hotel.

Espinas Palace Hotel

Ramsar Great Hotel

This amazing four stars Azadi Parsian Ramsar hotel is located at the magnificent city of Ramsar famous for its great and pleasant weather. This hotel includes two hotels one old hotel built in 1323 and a new hotel built in 1337 and has three floors. This great hotel has lots of great features and facilities from luxury restaurants, coffee shops, and beauty centers to great rooms and suites. This great hotel has an awesome view of the sea and jungle combined with its amazing features and facilities is a great destination for any local and international traveler who loves nature, beauty and luxury comfort.

Ramsar Grand Hotel


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