Totally the same as a horror movie; more than 8000 people are affecting and more than 400 guys are dying every single day. These statistics are declaring by the government and It’s obvious that the true number of affections and dead guys is more than this bad news. 

Iranian government started to prevent people from getting out of houses from mid-April. But after one-month barriers turned to disappear and people came out of houses to start their careers. This is how the number of affections during summer was higher than in the spring. A sad story is now happening; during this horrible autumn. The entire hospitals are full and people are facing specific problems to make living. 

Due to the dependency of the Iranian economy on selling oil; It’s now within the worst ever status. Coronavirus changed the world in a way that oil consumption turned to another way. In addition, new US sanctions settled by Donal Trump made the story much harder. 

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How is the Tourism Industry now?

Totally destroyed can be the best answer to this question. As you may know Iran’s tourism industry divides into two specific stages. Inbound Tourism, Outbound Tourism and Domestic Tourism.

Counting on Coronavirus global effects it’s totally obvious that both Inbound and Outbound Tourism are now facing a giant stop. This is why the entire world is facing this horrible virus and to avoid unnecessary travels is now an important rule. 

Domestic Tourism is Iran is also facing a severe stagnancy due to broadness of Cronavirus through out the entire country. As you may also know; Domestic travels in Iran are mainly about to travel to Kish Island for leisure and the city of Mashhad for pilgrims. So these two cities are now facing with baddest ever statuses regards to Cronavirus’ broadness. Tehran, the capital city of Iran is also facing with a really bad situation. As It’s host to more than 16 million of people and many political and economical centers. 

Any news from the Iranian Coronavirus Vaccine

Governmental medias have declared that Iranian vaccine procedure is floating. They hope to reach proper results through testing on human beings. In addition, Iranian government is now negotiating with China in order to be one of those countries who will receive Chinese vaccines at the earliest.

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