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Iranian Most Highlighted Ski Resorts


The four-season climate in Iran has made it possible for us to see in each corner of the weather-specific weather conditions, which have led to a variety of recreational activities in different regions of Iran.

Because of the high mountains such as Zagros and Alborz, Iran’s ski tours are open to those who are interested in skiing on snowy days.

It may seem at first glance that skiing is more for the wealthy class of society. Also to prove to you, it is enough to visit them in the season when the Iranian ski resorts are crowded so that you can reach different strata See the community coming to these different places to visit different tracks and experience this exciting sport.

Below we present some of the top Iran ski tours and provide you with relevant information about each one. So for reach, these ski resorts, visit Iran ski tours in our website.

List of Iran ski tours

     Dizin ski piste

     Tochal Ski piste

     Shemshake Ski piste

     Kakan Ski piste

     Alvares ski piste

     Abali ski piste

     Sepidan ski piste

     Khoor Ski piste

     Sahand ski piste

     Darbandsar Ski piste

Dizin ski resort

Dizin Ski Resort is one of the most famous pistes in Iran ski tours. To reach it you have to go 123 kilometers to Chalus Road (from Tehran).

It is the first piste in Iran approved by the World Federation for Tournament and recognized as an international ski resort.

The highest part of the ski slope is 3600 meters and the lowest part is 2650 meters above sea level and is 7.5 km long. Suitable for the length of the track and the slope of the ski slope, the track has been used for various competitions.

iran ski tours

Tochal Ski Resort

Located in Tehran, Shahid Chamran Highway, Yemen Street, End of Velenjak Street. Tochal ski piste has three separate slopes, the tallest of which is 3750 meters above sea level and is one of the first snow-covered slopes. That’s why in 8 months you can enjoy skiing on this piste. Also in Tochal Resort area are two other tracks, a telegraph machine, and a tele-ski.

The length of this track is 1200 meters. Among Iran’s ski tours, Tochal piste is able to provide a safe place for exciting skiing for people of different abilities. This track has the right facilities and quality and this has led the World Federation to endorse it as one of the international tracks.

Tochal Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort, located 57 kilometers northeast of Tehran, is one of the most famous Iran ski tours.

The highest part of the Shemshak piste, is 3050 meters and the lowest part is 2550 meters above sea level, which makes this resort accessible from early December to mid-April.

The track has two hammer traps, two plate traps, and two cab traps. Also, the lighting provided allows you to ski for the night.

Shemshak Ski Resort

Kakan Ski Resort

Kakan Ski Resort is in Yasuj and is also known as Dena piste and is one of the ski pistes in Iran ski tours. It is located in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad Province, 18 kilometers from Yasuj, near the village of Kakan.

Situated at an altitude of 2600 meters above sea level, it has an effective length of about 600 meters and is designed to lift 3 skiers who can use them.

Kakan Ski Resort

Alvares ski resort

Alvares Ski Resort is one of the most special and largest pistes in Iran. Located 12 kilometers from the village of Alvares and on the slopes of Mount Sabalan, it is 24 kilometers from Sare’in. This ski resort is 3200 meters above sea level.

It is best to know that it is open for skiing and other mountain sports for 8 months of the year and provides amenities like a cab trap and lift for the convenience of those who come to the area.

To reach this ski resort you must first go from Ardabil to Sare’in and then go to the Alvares Village Route 50 meters before the Chai Gozzi Village.

Alvares ski resort

Abali ski resort

Abali ski resort is one of the Iranian pistes located in Mazandaran province. To get to this place you can go to Haraz Road or Firuzkooh Road.

After crossing Bomehen and Qaemshahr, you will reach Abali, which is located at the beginning of Amol Road from Haraz Road. This resort is located on the slope of the Haraz road.

This has caused the area’s snow to be late in other parts of the water. So skiers and other winter recreation enthusiasts can come to the area from early December to late March. Abali ski resort is known as one of the oldest ski resorts in Iran.

Abali Ski Resort

Sepidan ski resort

Sepidan Ski Resort, located 85 kilometers from Shiraz and 15 kilometers from Sepidan Road to Margoon Falls.

This piste, located in the southern part of the country, attracts winter skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts every year. To know better about this piste, visit Iran ski tours in our website.

Sepidan piste, Built-in 2002 with an area of 500 hectares, it is the first in southern Iran and the second largest in the country.

From mid-fall to early spring, the area is snowy and can be used, but it is also suitable for grass skiing in other seasons.

Sepidan Ski resort

Khoor Ski resort

The Khoor ski resort, located 30 kilometers from Karaj in Alborz province. This piste was inaugurated in about 1350 but remained in the early days of the revolution without being officially used until it began operating again in 2009.

To reach this ski resort, which is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in Iran, first reach Karaj. After that go to Chalus road, then go to Khoor village at 23 km and use the piste near this village. This track has two routes of 350 meters and 1850 meters and accommodates 1300 skiers daily.

khoor ski resort

Sahand ski resort

Sahand Ski Resort, located on the slopes of Sahand Mountain. Also, because of its snowy and mountainous atmosphere, it has attracted the interest of winter sports enthusiasts such as skiing.

To access this track you have to go to Tabriz highway to Tehran in East Azarbaijan and take the route after the police station.

Sahand ski resort is the largest ski resort in the northwest of the country and has 1200 m of ski slopes.

Various sports venues, restrooms, villas, lifts, a ski school and a ski resort have attracted many athletes and enthusiasts to Sahand ski resort.

iran ski tours

Darbandsar ski Resort

Darbandsar ski resort is another ski resort located in Tehran province near Shemshak and Dizin ski resorts.

It is interesting to know that Darbandsar piste is recognized as one of the best in Iran ski tours and has always hosted important international competitions in recent years.

This track started in 1977 and since then has been a good place for athletes and winter sports enthusiasts. Drabandsar ski resort, 35 km from Tehran and in Darbandsar neighborhood, is Lavasanat functions in Shemiranat city of Tehran.

Features of the resort include Cable traps, plate traps, In addition, you can have a meal at a wooden restaurant in the area that is beautiful and unique.

dizin ski resort

The Bottom Line

Iran, with all its tourist attractions, is a great place for all kinds of tourist trips. As mentioned in this article, one of the attractions of Iran is the existence of attractive Iran ski tours. So we suggest you, foreign tourists, to be sure to visit Iran ski tours.


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