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From breathtaking landscapes of central deserts to the sunny islands of the south with lovely mild weather during winter or the amazing lifestyle of Iranian nomad groups, Iran has other faces other than historical heritages left from ancient civilizations and Islamic dynasties. As a result of geological folds millions of years ago, different mountain ranges and numerous high altitude mountain peaks were created in different spots of this vast country, making it a great land for mountain climbers and adventure lovers. Damavand silent volcano with 5610 meters’ altitude is the highest peak located in the north of Tehran. Iran Ski Tour is a reason that we’ve made this article. So, Don’t miss it.

Sahand and Sabalan in Azerbaijan province, the peaks of undiscovered Zagros mountain range like Morgol (4380 meters), Bijan (4409 meters) and etc. are other high peaks in Iran. Apart from mountain climbing, these mountain ranges and high lands are awesome areas for winter sports like ski and snowboard, which are up to international standards with a large array of amenities like accommodation and restaurants. Ski resorts of Iran known to have treeless summit slopes, attracting many visitors from other countries. The two popular snow sports done in Iran ski resorts are ski and snowboard.

Top Iran ski resorts

North of Tehran has many great ski resorts which are located on the skirts of Alborz Mountain Range with plenty of winter snow. with less than two hours driving from Tehran you can enjoy skiing on fresh snow of these awesome ski resorts like, Dizin, Shemshak, Darbansar, Abali, Tochal.

Dizin Ski Resort is located 70 kilometers from Tehran and is the biggest ski resort of Iran with 4 gondolas, 3 chairlifts and 9 surface lifts. The highest point in Dizin is 3600 meters high and the quality of snow is known to be fantastic powdery. Dizin is the first Ski resort of Iran with International ski standards.

Shemshak Ski Resort is the oldest ski resort which came into operation in 1958. The highest spot in Shemshak is 3050 meters above sea level and offers wonderful snow during winter.

Darbandsar Ski Resort is only 60 kilometers from Tehran as is known as the most modern one in Iran with 4 lifts and is equipped with a snow maker machine, letting ski lovers enjoy this sport during other seasons, too.

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Ski resorts of Zagros Mountain Range

With many peaks over 4000 meters high, Zagros is stretched in west and southwest of Iran and its fantastic wild nature and summit slopes has caused this mountain range to be the second popular hangout for skier and snowboarders in Iran.

Kakan Ski Resort is located near the mountainous city of Yasuj and its highest spot is 2600 meters above sea level. This resorts provides a suitable area with 600 meters’ length and 1500 meters’ width.

Pooladkaf ski Resort was opened in 2002 and because of the adequate amount of snowfall, this place is a fabulous spot for snow sports. The great thing about Pooladkaf Ski Resort is that it is located only 120 kilometers away from the historic city of Shiraz, where no traveler misses to visit while traveling in Iran.

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Best time for skiing in Iran

Just like in other countries, the ski season in Iran starts in December and finishes in March. In some places with higher altitude and more fresh snow, this season starts in November and lasts until the first of April. The great thing for foreigner skier and snowboarders who travel to Iran for a ski tour is that they can take advantage of other weekdays except for Thursday and Friday (Iranian weekend), when resorts are not crowded by locals. Also, Resorts are so crowded by the locals during Nowruz and foreign travelers usually avoid ski resorts during this holiday.

Food and accommodation

All mentioned ski resorts of Iran have various modern and standard accommodation facilities, cafes and restaurants. You can choose to spend the night in a modern hotel located near the resorts or you can rent a cozy and warm chalet with a nice fire place. Group skiers usually rent a house in the area and lower their expenses.

Why Iran is a good destination for ski tours?

Good prices:

Whether you buy a pre-arranged Iran Ski tour or a customized one, you will pay less money than other countries. This is while resorts, services, and facilities in Iran are up to the international standard level.

Snowboarders are welcoming:

One of the biggest challenges for a snowboarder is that they don’t seem to be welcomed in some ski resorts. In Iran, snowboarders can freely enjoy sliding on powder snow of the resorts.

Good location:

As mentioned before, the top ski resorts are located near Tehran which is the capital of Iran. Meanwhile, Most travelers enter Iran from this city. Just notice, with less than 2 hours of driving from Tehran, travelers can reach the top ski resorts of Iran.


Iran is known as one of the safest and friendliest destinations in the world. It is according to feedbacks and travel bloggers who have visited Iran from all over the world. Beside good services and standard resort, this can be a motivation for choosing Iran ski tours.

Other activities:

After spending a couple of days skiing in Iran, travelers usually seek new experiences in this vast country. As a result, they always find what they want. Some travelers prefer heading to southern cities and islands like Bushehr and Qeshm. This is how they enjoying warmer weather. Meanwhile, some others prefer visiting historical heritages in Esfahan, Yazd, Kashan, or Shiraz.

Year after year, Iran is now hosting more visitors who like to experience skiing and snowboarding in a new destination. This is who they can enjoy a combination of sport, UNESCO world heritage site, and Iranian hospitality. For getting more information about ski tours of Iran and related services you can contact us through:

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