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General information

Although the majority of Iran hotels, which are located within the main cities of the country like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Kashan and etc, are not new-constructed and dates back to at least 10 to 15 years ago, all of them are now been rebuilt and facilitated in accordance to the modern types of equipment of hotelier industry. Iran hotels are accustomed to the international standards of hotels, to some extent; but, if you’re looking for an appropriate service in addition to a memorable experience, just choose 4 and 5-star hotels in Iran, because they’re more cleaner and providing better types of services. 

Since 2014, the number of international tourists in Iran has increased. According to a limited number of good hotels in Iran, riding availability within good hotels is known as a major problem mostly within the high-season., this is why Espad Travel is asking you to finalize your trip and start booking the services of your travel to Iran like accommodation, at the earliest. In this way, you can find your desired hotel available and make your travel more enjoyable. 

Iran Hotels’ type

In general, two main categories of hotels are available within the vast country of Iran; modern hotels and traditional boutique houses.

1- Modern Hotels: 

Iran modern hotels are considering as the majority of the entire Iran hotel which are mainly located within the main attractions of Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, Tabriz, Mashhad, Kashan and etc; but, it doesn’t mean that there’s no hotel within the other Iranian cities. All Iran cities do possess some hotels, but the number of high-quality hotels is a bit limited. 

Hotels are available from cheap 1-star hotels while there are some specific 5-star hotels which are rendering great high-quality services; but, for you as a foreign traveler in Iran, it’s better just to choose between 4 and 5-star hotels.

2- Traditional boutique houses:

As you may know, Iran is mostly known for its fascinating history, art & architecture; so within your Iran tour, you’ll have the chance to have some overnight stays within some of the rare and remaining evidence of the mentioned aspects. So, Iran boutique can be a really good option for those who are tired of modernity and seeks a pleasant Persian calm atmosphere. Each of these boutique houses of Iran which are now being used as the traditional hotels has its specific historical and architectural value, so within the rebuilding process, Iranian architectures did their best not to make any severe alterations to the main infrastructure of the buildings. 

How to book Iran hotels?

Although the use of the internet in Iran is now really much more highlighted, unfortunately, there is no specific booking system that provides Iran hotels connected to the international economic gateway, in addition to the lack of any booking engine in non-Permian language. This is why it should be quite easier for you to contact an Iranian Travel agency to provide you with the hotels within different parts of the country. 

At Espad Travel, we’re honored to know an unwritten list of hotels that has gained the previous travelers’ satisfaction; so our Iran hotel advisors can easily suggest you the best hotels based on your own requirements. 

Important Tips

1- As the reservation of your hotel is going to be done by an Iranian travel agency, it would be really better to ask them give you the confirmation if the travel. 

2. According to the lack of good hotels in Iran, It’ll be better to start the procedure of your Iran hotel booking about 6 months before arriving to Iran. 

3. In some case, the hotel for the tour guide and driver can be different from each other.

4. There is no International banking system available within Iran hotels, this is why you have to bring enough cash with you to have Iranian currency in cash with you.   

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