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Iran Future|A Brief Look

Iran is a great and modern country located at the center of the World southwest part of the Asia continent known as the Middle East with modern communications, technology, transportation, health, and energy infrastructure, great security and safety all over the country comparable to all developed countries, huge, diverse and highly educated population with mostly young under 40 years old with ten percent of all-natural resources and only one percent of the world population. With this strategic location, awesome capital and human resources and amazing potentials future seem very bright for Iran. In this article, I’m going to speak about Iran’s future in different parts and from different perspectives so join me to see the future of Iran.


The current Iran population is 90M mostly young and educated and with modern lifestyle and standards. In the future population will grow into 100M, and most people will be above 40 years old with great knowledge and education. People will be wealthier and the consumer market especially the personal consumer market will grow exponentially. So this means an awesome opportunity for international companies to enter and let Iran join the international economy more than ever.

Population scaled


The current GDP is $400B and $5k for GDP per capita within the future GDP will grow into trillion and trillions, people’s income will grow exponentially, economic growth will be faster and bigger and the country will move from the traditional energy economy into the green energy economy. Also in the future inflation will be one digit, the unemployment rate will decrease and as the population becoming older, wealthier and bigger foreign investment will increase due to the huge consumer market.

iran economy


Iran’s current energy resources are oil and gas but in the future, this will change and with great Iran potential for modern green energy, Iran’s energy resource will be supplied by green resources like sun and wind. Iran with its unique weather has a great potential to become one of the leading countries of the World as a great source of green energy.

Energy in Iran scaled


Iran is an awesome country to visit and in the future, this trend will grow and become a more important part of Iran’s economy. Iran has this potential to absorb tens of millions of international travelers to Iran and with great growth, this is going to happen in the future.

Tourism in Iran scaled

Health Tourism

Health tourism also will be a very important trend and industry for Iran. Hospitals will grow and will be better and more, communications and transportation infrastructure will also see exponential growth and change. This means health tourism in Iran in the future will be a lot more 9mportant, better and Worldwide.

Iran Medical Tours

The Bottom Line 

Iran is a must-see country for all interested and excited international travelers Worldwide. Getting to know a country current and future will help you realize what’s going on currently in the country and better prepare to travel and experience Iran fully. Here is what you need to know about the future of Iran :

  • Growth of population from 90M into 100M 
  • The exponential growth of the consumer market in Iran 
  • People will be older and wealthier 
  • Energy resource from traditional resources will turn into modern green nature-friendly resources 
  • The economy will expand into trillions 
  • Foreign investment will increase 
  • People will be much wealthier and great purchase power 
  • Tourism and health tourism will become an important part of Iran economy 

As you can see Iran will have a very bright future and a must-see country to travel and explore. Here is how our agency can help you get ready to travel and fully experience Iran for yourself :

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Iran has been located at one of the most important parts of the World and in the future as the World economy is transitioning into east this importance will increase and will make Iran even a more important and active country. The future of Iran with the all above-mentioned notes is very bright into a wealthier, cleaner, more modern, and advanced country.

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