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About a quarter of the Iran Plateau covered with deserts including two main deserts named “Dasht e Kavir” and “Dasht e Lut”. Dasht e Kavir also known as Kavir e Namak (the Salt Desert) is about 77,600 km in square and is lying in the middle of Iran and the magnificent Lut Desert covers 51,000 km in the square in eastern Iran. The vast deserts of Iran with their stunning natural phenomena and landscapes and the development of the tourism industry in this country has led to various desert tours and exciting activities in these wonderful lands. These deserts are among the attractions of Iran. The beauty of golden sand dunes and vivid colors, the pleasant silence, the pure glass sky especially in the night and totally the spiritual atmosphere are the main reasons why travelers and nature lovers are now getting more and more attracted to the deserts of Iran. To know more about Iran desert tours, this article can be so helpful.

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Keep in mind that to travel to Iran, you must go through the visa process. You can also get a visa through any travel agency. After obtaining iran tourist visa, you can check the tour packages in Iran and select the tour you want. there are so many great tours such as iran cultural tours, nature tours, etc.

People around/within deserts

The residents of deserts are well-known to be among the most modest and hospitable locals of Iran. They have a very exclusive lifestyle that directly connects to nature and the climate around. Finding the best way for agriculture and animal husbandry with small water resources and inventing the smart architecture style in construction of houses which help them make hot summer days much more bearable, and also their local legends and myths which are in harmony with their environment, show that their life is connecting to the unique mood of deserts.

Maranjab Desert

Maranjab which is located 60 kilometers from the city of Kashan is one of the most popular desserts. Belives indicate that the word Maranjab points to the difficulties taken while digging water wells through the sandy lands to reach freshwater. What makes Maranjab exclusive among other central deserts is the glorious caravanserai of Shah Abbas the great Safavid king. This caravanserai was constructed on the Silk Road route for the use of travelers making journeys on this road. The dried Salt Lake is another attraction of the Maranjab Desert. The lake has vanished many years ago but the salty white ground and the hexagonal lines have created a surreal landscape.

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Garmeh Desert

The ancient village of Garmeh, located in Dasht e kavir in Esfahan province has attracted travelers for visit since previous centuries. Garmeh Desert and the village are well-known for its hot water springs, vast gardens of palm trees and wonderful architecture of the rural houses which remind old times. The locals of Garmeh are still speaking in Pahlavi which is the remains of ancient Persia languages.

Shahdad Desert

Located in the heart of the Lut Desert, Shahdad is a treasure among other deserts, which has been home to ancient Iranian civilization. With only one and a half hour driving from the charming city of Kerman, you will reach the splendid Shahdad desert which is well-known by its Kalouts (Yardangs), which are short and tall rock formations forming by wind and dust during millenniums. On the other hand, there is an area in the Shahdad Desert naming “Gandom Beryan” which is well-known as one of the hottest spots on earth by NASA! During summer 2005 and some other years, the temperature at this spot reached 72 C! The mind-blowing beauty of Kalouts, the ancient background, and the exclusive geographical phenomena caused this desert to be registered as a UNESCO world natural heritage. By embracing super attractive specifications, Shahdad desert is the best site to explore within Iran desert tours.

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Activities within Iranian deserts

There are a lot of activities that desert lovers with different tastes can enjoy. Some people prefer enjoying a simple camping night in deserts of Iran and take advantage of its silence and natural beauty, but some others come for more specific activities like stargazing and photography. Due to low humidity, the sky in deserts of Iran is so clear and starry that makes Iran a great destination for stargazing. The clear sky, good light and most importantly the untouched landscapes have also made these deserts fantastic places for photography trips. Camel back riding, sandboarding and 4 wheel safari driving are other exciting activities that desert lovers enjoy in iran tours.

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When you travel you expect to stay in a 5star hotels but there are no modern hotels in the desert. But do not worry, you can also be very comfortable by staying in desert ecotourism resorts.

This is now a couple of years that residents of Iran deserts have started opening eco-lodges as their family businesses. These eco-lodges provide comfortable rooms, warm home cooked meals and also the opportunity of getting acquainted with the lifestyle and culture of locals. They are like boutique houses. Ateshooni is among the most famous desert eco-lodges which is a cozy hub for artists in Garmeh village. Shafi Abad eco-lodge is another famous one located in Shahdad village beside the desert and the Kalouts and is ran by a big local family with many children and grandchildren. Today, in almost every village whether in central desert or Lut, you can find a good eco-lodge and have a safe place and healthy food with a very reasonable price. these ecotourism resorts are like iran hotels in deserts.


Deserts are adventurous places with likely risks, but just like other deserts in the world, you can have a safe and fun Iran desert tour by taking normal cautions and consulting with locals before activities. There are now many nature lover groups who explore the deserts of country of iran and enjoy adventurous activities like desert run, camping in desert and etc. For any further information about the deserts of Iran and visiting other cities like tehran shiraz isfahan yazd and any city of iran, you can contact us.

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