Chinese travelers in Iran

Regards to what cabinet has agreed and decided in terms of tourism policies, Iran announces visa waiver for Chinese tourists; It means that both Chinese and Hong Kongers are allowed to enter to Iran without going through the visa procedure or without doing any payment as the visa fee.

Although it’s been about three years that both countries were trying to omit the visa; it seems that Iran in more enthusiastic to provide Chinese tourists with more convinces and better facilities. As a result, Iranian tour operators like Espad Travel has also started to focus more severe on the Chinese market, this is how we have started to redesign our Iran cultural tours which have been interesting for Chinese travelers in Iran.

How long to stay in Iran without any visa?

Iran tourist visa has been omitted for Chinese passport holders who are going to enter Iran by leisure purposes, including Iran cultural tours, Iran adventure tours and etc. The allowance period is 15 days and it can be easily extended in Iran.  

Iran Tourist Visa Documents for Chinese Passport holders

Based the most recent decision made by the Iranian government, the only documentation that Chinese tourists require is a valid passport without any stamps of Israel; it means that those who have traveled to Israel before are not allowed to travel to Iran anymore. As another fact about the current Iran tourist visa; just notice that it’s a kind of paper visa; so there is no sign of any visa sticker in your passport or any stamps of Iranian borders on your passport.  

Iranian government’s other policies to boost tourism

As another decision of Iranian government to encourage more tourists for traveling to Iran, Dr. Hassan Rouhani, Iranian President, has ordered to stop obligatory stamps on the passport at the entrance points of Iran; it means that Iran will no longer to stamp any tourists’ passports in order to prevent any issues for those who have visited Iran and wants to travel to the USA ahead.

Chinese travelers in Iran


Iranian Airlines’ Facilities for Chinese Tourists

According to what Iranian cabinet has decided to waiver Iran tourist visa, the rest of Iranian tourism facilities has also started to boost their capabilities in this market; this is why both of the most highlighted Iranian Airlines, Iran Air & Mahan Air, has expanded their activity in this route by the settlement of daily regular flight.   

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