internet in Iran

One of the questions you may have when you decide to travel Iran as your next travel destinations is, how is inter networking in Iran and is Iran a modern country with full-featured communications structure and facilities? In this article, we are going to answer all these questions and make you aware of Iran’s features and facilities as one of the advanced and ultra-modern countries of the World in the space of communications infrastructure. As an international tourist, you will be aware of Iran’s condition and how you can easily choose Iran as your exciting next destination.

internet in Iran

A Brief Look

Iran with over 85M population has internet access of over 90%, this means over 70M of the population of Iran have access to fast international and Worldwide Internet, this puts Iran as one of the most advanced countries of the World with regard to the internet access. Most of the population are below 35 years old and are digital natives with expertise in the internet and social media, so you are seeing a very modern and very active country in digital space. There are over 120M mobile phones in Iran in which as you can see there is over one mobile phone per person in Iran. Internet speed in Iran is very fast and appropriate and you can connect to the internet through wifi platforms or mobile generation platforms. So to summarize population of Iran are digital native, very active online users and are fully aware of the digital era and have fast and secure access to the internet.


Iran is a very modern country, there are many platforms in Iran to connect to the internet. You can access to the internet in Iran through wifi platforms or mobile 2G, 3G,4G, and 4G LTD platforms. So as you can see Iran is equipped with the latest technologies of communications and the internet nationwide. You will have access to the internet full nationwide no matter which city or town you are in and are visiting. As a country located at the heart of World Iran has access to many gateways and has lots of distributed data centers to faster the internet inside the country. Also, Iran is one of the countries of the World which also has its own nationwide cloud platforms that ease the online communications inside and outside of the country. So you can easily connect the internet with any digital device you may have like your mobile phone or your laptop.


Iran is rapidly developing as World and technology and digital space are rapidly evolving and developing. As one of the most modern countries of the World for digital space and one of the most active online population, Iran is planning to implement 5G in 2020 and develop this 5G technology nationwide as fast as possible. With this in mind, you can expect very modern IT space and real-time internet and the existence of hybrid cloud services offering their services nationwide and Worldwide within the next decade in Iran. So the future is very bright in Iran, as the population is becoming older and bigger, the dominance of the internet will grow in Iran, speed will be much faster and in real-time and digital services and offerings will be much more, better, and faster. Make sure Iran will be one of the pioneers of the internet and digital era as it is today for its fruitful bright future.

The Bottom Line

Iran is one of the most modern countries of the World, in which over 90% of the population have access to the fast internet and are digital natives. When you travel to Iran you can expect all the features you may need and want from an ultra-modern country. You will have access to fast internet, very modern and fast online communication services, and see digital native people with good English knowledge.

If you love to this modern era Iran with all that rich history, just contact us to start planning your awesome Iran trip today.

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