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Obtaining Iranian visas for US nationals is a little harder than in other countries. This is why tourist visas requiring accurate travel information, as well as the visa process may take months. Occasionally, even visa-versa Americans in Iran face problems and have been subject to strict and strict filters. In general, you should first get acquainted with the type of visas available to your nationality & required documents. Then follow the procedure Espad Travel explained within this visa acknowledgment which is all about  Iran visa for US citizens. 

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Iranian Visa for American Citizens and Laws Set for it

Obtaining an Iranian Tourist Visa Iran is very difficult for US nationals, and the first thing to know is that this is only possible if they are on tour and cannot get a visa for a personal tourist trip. But by law, you should consider the following:

  • The schedule of the tour is precise
  • Crossing specific routes must be reported and they will not be allowed in any area.
  • The exact date of arrival and the exact date of departure must also be announced.
  • Visa applications will be rejected if you stay open to notice or pay attention to any of the above.

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Iranian Visa for American Citizens and Its Validity

If you wish to apply for an Iranian visa for US nationals, you must also be aware of the validity of the designated visa, generally valid for a 3-month visa, which can stay up to 30 days on Iranian soil if received. And then you have to go through the visa renewal process.

Needless to say, the Iranian Embassy is the final decision-maker for US citizens and there’s no grantee for issuing a visa. Finally, if you are successful in obtaining a visa, you must study all the laws of the country and consider the length of your stay. It is good to know that if the State Department approves, the length of stay will extend to 60 days.

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Iranian visa for American citizens in the form of tourism

This type of Iranian visa has created difficult conditions for US citizens. For example, it is not possible to enter the country without a tour, and a tour of the Leader approved by the State Department is required. Even the exact tour and accommodation plans and attractions within the tour will be notified to the State Department.

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Iranian Visa for US Citizens with Invitation

If you want to reduce the length of your visa, use our collection service, the collection experts will guide you through all the steps. Visiting the Department of State is one of the requirements for an Iranian visa application for US nationals. If you would like to send an invitation to your US guest, you should go to the State Department along with the documents listed below and proceed to the Reach out to your guest to start the visa process.

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Required documents include:

Scanning of the passport and photo of the inviting person, authentic ways of inviting the invitee including mobile and home phone numbers by email, and finally filling out the form and accompanying items. As mentioned, submit it to the State Department office.

Iran tourist visa

Iranian Visa for American Citizens and Documents Required

The following is a list of documents which are important to obtain an Iranian visa for US citizens:

1-Scan personnel photo

2- Scan the passport homepage

3- Provides scan of ID card

4- Completed Invitation Form

5- Full details of the inviting person

6- Summary and background of the invited person

7- Paying 10% of the tour fee

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