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Iran Tourist Visa Comprehensive Guide

Traveling to Iran for tourism or health tourism purposes is going to be a very enjoyable and unique experience, and based on your country it may need or may not need any visa to travel Iran. In this article we are going to speak about different countries’ situations about receiving Iran visas, so please read this guide and for more information about your condition and situation contact one of our travel experts to consult you about traveling Iran for your tourism or health tourism journey.

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These Countries Don’t Need Visa To Travel Iran

Citizens of these countries including Syria, Turkey, Lebanon, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Bolivia, Armenia, Oman, and Egypt and China don’t need any visa to travel Iran and can easily travel Iran without any limitations with these conditions :

Syria citizens for 90 days

Georgia citizens for 45 days

Bolivia, Turkey, and Armenia citizens for 30 days

Egypt citizens for 20 days

Lebanon and Azerbaijan Republic citizens for 15 days

These are the days these countries’ citizens can travel Iran easily without any need for a visa and for extending their stay at Iran can refer to Iran embassy or consultancy or referring to Iranian police for foreigners to extend their stay and travel in Iran.

Iran Tourist Visa

Citizens Of U.S. A, England, and Canada :

Citizens of these countries can not receive airport visa and to travel Iran must apply for Iran visa via Iran embassy or consultancy and to travel Iran for tourism or health tourism purposes must travel by a tour and their visit plans, entry & exit dates and even all their travel journeys must be completely clear and known.

Iran tourist visa

These Countries Need To Apply For Visa :

Citizens of these countries including the U.S. A, England, Canada, Afghanistan, Colombia, Somali, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Bangladesh can not receive an airport visa and to travel Iran must apply for a visa via Iran embassy or consultancy.

Iran Tourist Visa

All Other Countries :

Except for the above-mentioned countries above and all their situations and conditions, all other countries of the Word citizens to travel Iran must have an Iran visa and can easily receive their visa via ” airport visa”. Iran foreign affairs ministery has provided many facilities for all these citizens of the World to easily receive their airport visas via a reference code in the shortest time possible to easily and with great peace of mind travel and experience Iran fully.

Necessary Documents To Receive Iran Visa :

Traveler first must receive a ” reference code ” and to do so, must send below documents to a credible travel agency :

Color scan of the passport with at least 6 months of credit

Color scan of 6×4 new photo

Filling of Iran visa apply form


After receiving the reference code, the person must refer to Iran mentioned embassy or consultancy with below documents to receive its Iran visa :

Passport with at least 6 months of credit

Two new full faces 6×4 color photo

Receipt of fee of Iran visa payment

Reference code which has received via the travel agency

Necessary Documents To Receive Airport Iran Visa :

Passport with at least 6 months of credit

Copy of passport information

A new color 6×4 photo

Original and copy of travel insurance card which is necessary for all countries citizens

Payment of Iran via issuing

Iran tourist visa

Some Notes About Iran Visa :

  1. Israel citizens can not apply for Iran visa
  2. Airport visa for Iraq citizens are just issued at Mashhad airport
  3. Iran visa is credible for 30 days
  4. Citizens of all countries can easily travel to Iran free zones without any visa for 14 days
  5. Receiving Iran visa before travel is less risky than receiving airport visa

Iran tourist visa

The Bottom Line

Traveling to Iran is a very easy and fast process for rather all countries citizens of the World. Some countries as mentioned above don’t need a visa to travel to Iran and can easily travel to Iran for tourism or health tourism. Some special countries can only apply for a visa via embassy and reference code and can not receive an airport visa as mentioned above. But besides all these exceptions other countries’ citizens can receive Iran visa via a reference code and embassy or receive Iran visa via airport visa it all depends on the person which prefer which type to receive but applying for visa before travel is a lot easier and there will be no need to wait at the line to receive airport visa at the Iran airport. Also, all World people can travel to Iran free zones without a visa for 14 days and enjoy Iran free zones as well. We are here to assist you with any request you may have about Iran visa. Just contact us to help you start your awesome journey to Iran.

Our experts are more than happy to answer all your questions and start your Iran receiving visa process.

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