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It’s time to know more about Iran, where you’re going to travel in near future. This is why Espad Travel team has focused a lot on providing you with the most astonishing hot news about the beloved Iran. So, stay tuned!

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The Wave of Foreign Airlines Returning to Iranian Sky

What will happen if Coronavirus defeated? The entire world is now facing the terrible coronavirus and it’s daily killing many guys. As a result, it …

coronavirus vaccine

Iranian Vaccine for Covid-19

Since 9 months ago, coronavirus is the first death factor in Iran. The entire country affected so severely and many people are suffering from this …

former us embassy

Visiting Former US Embassy in Tehran

Introduction of Former US Embassy in Tehran The US Embassy is located in central Tehran. Where the intersection of Taleghani and Mofateh is now known …

silk road in iran

Silk Road in Iran

Introduction of Silk Road One of the most important trade routes in Asia is the Silk Road. It connects different nations and civilizations along the …

iran vs usa

A brief overview of the Iran-US Conflicts

As you know, In May, the US deployed military assets to the Middle East to counter threats from Iran. This was around the time US …


How is Iran During Coronavirus?

Totally the same as a horror movie; more than 8000 people are affecting and more than 400 guys are dying every single day. These statistics …


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