Introduction of Hormuz Island

Hormuz Island, a small island, 8 kilometers from Bandar Abbas, with 8  kilometers Breadth, which can drown you for hours and days. It is known for its colorful soils and it seems to have thrived on the souls of its inhabitants. Hormuz is a small land with a great history and beautiful culture.

Hormuz, an unfinished cone island, is half an hour’s drive from Qeshm and Bandar Abbas. A salt dome between the Persian Gulf that holds the seal of the Geologists’ Paradise and the Museum of Geology. The only habitat on the island is the small village of Hormuz, whose winding and lively streets are home to occasional strolls. These alleys are rarely crowded and the island is always at rest. A mosque with yellow stones also glows in the middle of the village.

Cold seasons are the best time to travel to Hormuz Island. In autumn and winter, Hormuz island is cool and airy. The beach will smile on you for hiking and swimming these months. Winter is also the season of migration of birds and turtles, which will give you a wonderful experience.

The endless attractions of Hormuz Island

We have a long list of natural and historical attractions in our guide to Hormuz. Portuguese Historical Castle, Bibi Gul Palace, Ahmad Nadalian Museum with exquisite collection of artwork, earthenware carved every year by artists in Hormuz. The Ahwan Plain and the Silent Cave are some of the places to visit in Hormuz. Don’t miss the Rainbow Valley, where the turtles lay.

Hormuz is also the land of the deer, and if you’re not scared, maybe a few minutes of sightseeing is a pleasure. Hormuz has had a tumultuous history, from being destroyed by the Mongols to being occupied by the Portuguese. Because of its proximity to the important strait of Hormuz and its strategic position for our country. But King Abbas Safavi must be taken away from the Portuguese and we can still enjoy its beauty. Travel to Hormuz and write to us if you have an exciting travel experience.

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Shopping on the island of Hormuz

The value of traveling to Hormuz is the pure experience of its natural and traditional fabric. Hormuz is not a luxury and luxury shopping center, not a guide to Hormuz. The best shopping from Hormuz is the village’s women’s handicrafts. Embroidered needles and pots with unique designs with Hormuz colored soils will be your best choice for a trip to the island. Biking, half-day swimming and diving tours and the role of henna are among the recreations available in Hormuz. For the belly, there are also small falafel stalls that you won’t miss.

Hormuz is the land of edible and magical soils

The red soil of Hormuz, as locals call it, is used as a very tasty spice. It is also used in making a tasty sauce that is used in cooking fish and shrimp. In addition, there is a food called “Hole” in this sauce, which we recommend eating in our guide to Hormuz. Locals put the fish with the orange peel and the sauce on one side for 6 months in the sun. The result is incredible. In addition to other soils on the island, it is also used in cosmetics, ceramics and pottery. In addition to all this, Hormuz, with its colorful soil, offers lively subjects for photography that you cannot pass.

Accommodation on Hormuz Island

A guide to travel to Hormuz will give you tips for staying on the island. There are two great choices for a night stay in Hormuz. One camp on the beach and sleeping under the stars, along with waves of water that you will never forget. You only have to consider the privacy of the tide so as not to encounter the water, the uninvited guest of the night in your tent.

Another option is to resettle in rural outposts. This stay will give you the special experience of dealing with warm, kind people. Each of the island’s inhabitants has a story that cannot be missed. By staying at the local house, you will also have the chance to eat traditional foods with Hormuz Red Spice. However, you can return to Qeshm and Bandar Abbas before the sunset with the same boats you arrived at. Just remember to know the exact hour of movement.

How to get to Hormuz?

There are two ways to reach Hormuz. The first is to go to Hormuz from the Bandar Abbas Haqqani berth with fast boats. The other route is from Qeshm beach and Zakir quay and is accessible in about 40 minutes by boat to Hormuz. A trip to Hormuz for travel around the island also has some recommendations. To get around the island, off the coast, three-wheel motors seem also available to rent. These prices are negotiable depending on the hour and day you rent them.

There are also bikes available at both the village and beach levels, which are worth to explore. Another way to get around the island and enjoy the scenery is hiking. If you are taking long walks, we suggest this method. Within hours of walking, you can bypass the island’s coastline.

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