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Hormoz Island Introduction

The island of Hormoz is called the small island of the Persian Gulf. It is a place full of different colors filled with water with a completely different culture so that you enter another planet as you enter it. Hormoz Island is an island of colors and wonders that comes out of the sea. The island boasts spectacular landscapes from colorful soils to quaint architecture, each corner having a fascinating story to hear and a plan to see. It is interesting to know that the soil of Hormoz can be seen in seventy colors. Edible soil of Hormoz Island is one of the wonders of this island. This is not just an island, it is a land of wonders.

The island of Hormoz has many beauties and wonders that attract every immigrant and traveler. The island has a beautiful setting with different colors and a very peaceful setting with great historical attractions. The people of this island are so warm that if you travel there once you will miss it again and you will travel there. This island is perfect for those who are not looking for luxury hotels and only want to see the monuments and nature.


Hormoz Island History

Until the 14th century, the population of the island was 7,000 people, and Hormoz was known as a trading town by the river Minab. It is interesting to know that when the Mongols invaded Iran 700 years ago, Hormoz Island was a city at the mouth of the river Minab. From there, people first migrated to Qeshm and then to Bandar Abbas. Then they set up a small town called Hormoz. Initially it was called Hormoz or Khoormoz, but over time its name was changed to Hormoz. Hormoz soon became a trading center, with many immigrants from Hormozgan and even India and Africa. The island was then occupied by the Portuguese. The area of ​​Hormoz Island is 42 km.

Hormoz Location

Hormoz Island is an oval-shaped, dome-shaped island with an area of ​​42 square kilometers at the entrance to the Persian Gulf and 8 kilometers to Bandar Abbas. The island of Hormoz is considered the key to the Persian Gulf because of its geographical location and its proximity to the Strait of Hormoz. It is in this context that Hormoz Island has historically been particularly important in Qeshm, both geographically and commercially.

Colorful mountains, cliffs formed over millions of years of erosion, magnificent salt rocks and, most of all, red soil – these are spectacular attractions on the island of Hormoz. Therefore, traveling to Hormoz Island, especially in the cold seasons, can be the best choice for a fun and dreamy trip. If you plan to travel from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz Island, the best route is to board the Qeshm boats.

From Qeshm, take the passenger ferries to Hormoz that return twice a day to this Iceland. In this case, you will not only save on travel expenses, but you will also enjoy amazing scenery. It may not be bad to know that the island is about 30 minutes away from the island of Qeshm by a fast boat in normal weather. But the distance from Bandar Abbas to Hormoz is more than 30 minutes.hormoz island

Best time to travel to Hormoz Iceland

If you travel to Hormoz Island once, you can say you will still be there. Because Hormoz Island is located in the Persian Gulf and near the equator. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for traveling to Hormoz because of the spring and warm weather. So you can enjoy the sights of the area alongside the fun.

Attractions of Hormoz Island


Red soil mine

The Red Earth Mine is one of the most spectacular of Hormoz Island. On the island of Hormoz you will have the opportunity to visit edible red soil and more than 70 other colored minerals that are not typical anywhere in the world. It is true that the world knows Hormoz Island as red soil, but red soil is not all that you find in this Icland. Walking through the silver, golden, and white sands here is like walking through your dreams, and the red, orange, and bruise of the mountains are as spectacular and unforgettable as the sunset.

hormoz island

Salt Cave

Other sights on the island of Hormoz include the salt cave. Qeshm Salt Cave is the world’s longest salt cave in the heart of the Persian Gulf. The cave is located 90 kilometers from Qeshm city, at the southwest end of Dome Mountain Island, 237 meters above sea level. The salt caves of Qeshm Island is one of the most beautiful manifestations of Iran’s beautiful and dreamy nature. The white streaks of salt on the fuselage of the mountain make for a beautiful view. The distance of the salt cave from the neighboring coastal road is about 2 km, which is recommended to be reached on foot.Hormoz-Island

Carpet Beach Island

One of the most colorful attractions designed on Hormoz Island and one of the most spectacular in this Island is the Hormoz Colored Carpet. Hormoz carpet is a combination of 18 different colors that have incorporated the cultural symbols of the city. In recent years, artists have used the territory to produce a colorful carpet, which has attracted many travelers to the area.


Boating around Hormoz Island

The small area of Hormoz Island is one of the attractive features of this island. The coastal road allows travelers and tourists to get around the island just three hours on foot, or by using existing bicycles, from the boat. There are many motor boats on the island of Hormoz that you can explore around the island and enjoy the scenery in front of you.

hormoz island

Portuguese fortress

Located 750 meters from the harbor of the famous Portuguese castle Hormoz Island. The Portuguese fortress on the island of Hormoz is perhaps the largest colonial stronghold built in the history of Pars. Still the thick walls, rusted cannons and the grandeur of the building preserve the Portuguese castle’s unique beauty. From the port on the shore you reach the walls of the Portuguese fortress. If you turn around the castle walls counterclockwise, you will see two rusted war balls and a low arched entry door located on the island.

hormoz island

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