Hair transplant in Iran

Hair Transplant in Iran

One of the concerns of young people is hair loss, unfortunately nowadays due to various reasons such as malnutrition, stress, and work stress, Hair loss has increased in people, so people use different methods to repair and prevent hair loss. It can lead to increased age and damage to one’s self-esteem, one of the methods that are becoming more popular nowadays and are being used by most people all over the world to replace hair loss, planting is a must. Hair transplant in Iran is a type of surgery where the hair is transferred from the donor area to the empty part of the hair. Hair transplant in Iran is a procedure where a plastic or skin surgeon transfers hair to the bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves the hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head. Hair transplantation is usually performed in the office under local anesthesia. Baldness is the pattern responsible for most hair loss. This comes down to genetics. Hair transplant in Iran With advanced techniques, short recovery periods, and best results, Iran is recognized as a reliable destination for hair transplantation. Also, it is better to know that in today’s world, and with the advancement of medical technology, there is only one way to repair and treat lost hair. This transplant is done with the help of natural hair transplants in various parts such as eyebrows, head, beard.

Types of Hair Transplant in Iran

Hair transplantation by FUT

This procedure is performed in the operating room. This is how the surgeon will first remove a cut through the scalp. The size of this cut is approximately 2 cm. They then cut the removed tape to separate the hair follicles and implant them at the desired location. The disadvantages of this method are that the scars may remain on the surface of the skin layer and take longer to recover, as well as on the neck.

Non-surgical FIT Hair Transplant

This procedure does not require surgery, only the specialist removes the needle from the hair on the scalp, then implants the hair in an area without hair. In this method, a very superficial dressing is done that lasts up to a day and helps to improve the quality of the hair being transplanted, but be careful that the two above methods lead to repeated hair transplantation and fatigue sessions and Most importantly, there is a low probability that the hair follicles are planted.

SUT hair transplantation

It is one of the best-used methods. In this way there is no need for surgery or dressing, stitches, etc. In this way, doctors can perform hair transplants on up to 14,000 real hair using fully automatic devices. This number is about 3 times that of the old methods. That means, in one session, they can implant 14,000 strands of hair. Another advantage of this method is the naturalness of the growth line. Also, in this method, the hair is very dense and the hair follicles do not die and they are not damaged because all the cutting and freezing operations are done in one process and the hair follicles remain healthy.

BHT Hair Transplant

This method is slightly different from the previous methods. Instead of removing the person’s cold hair and implanting the bald spot, the hair is removed from the body. They harvest hair from places like the chest, scapular, thigh, etc., and implant it in the person’s head. Because hair in different parts of the body is different from hair, they do not use it alone. They do this for people who don’t have enough hair on their heads and the doctor has to do it. This method is appropriate for a person with a moderate hair bank in their head and a physician to use their follicles for bald areas and to use hair from other parts of the body to fill between them, Because of this reason it is better to call it the complementary method.

Cost of Hair Transplant in Iran

The cost of hair transplantation in Iran is one of the lowest and if the least expensive in the world among the countries that offer quality methods as well as other medical tourism services. Hair transplantation costs between $ 800 and $ 2,000 in Iran, including all expenses related to a doctor’s visit, anesthesia, surgery, and more. However, the same procedure in the US and Europe costs much more, from $ 4,000 to $ 16,000. Iran beats prices in other Asian countries such as Turkey, India, and Thailand because it offers higher prices in hair restoration surgery. A hair transplant in Turkey costs about $ 2000 and the same procedure in India and Thailand costs about $ 3000.

Why Choose Hair Transplant in Iran?

In general, surgical costs in Iran are cheaper and more affordable than in other countries. The cost of hair transplantation in Iran is also very affordable and many health tourists from other countries travel to Iran for hair transplantation. Also, the presence of specialist doctors in Iran is another reason for health tourists to enter Iran.

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