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Hafez Tomb Comprehensive Guide!

Hafez Tomb is one of the most important tourist attractions in Shiraz, which even in some years has attracted the highest number of visitors. Therefore, the priority of a tour of Shiraz is to visit the memory and enjoy the atmosphere of the tomb of this great poet and literary world. Hafez Tomb, The great Iranian poet, also known as Hafezyeh, is the most visited place in Shiraz, visited by many domestic and foreign tourists every year. Khaje Shamsuddin Mohammad Shirazi, born Hafez and surnamed Lesan al-Ghayb, the great Iranian poet and sonnet in Shiraz, was born. The tomb of Hafiz is located just north of the city of Shiraz, just below the Quran Gate in a famous Shiraz cemetery called “Mosque Khak”. The memory area is 2 hectares and consists of two northern and southern aisles separated by a hall. The complex has 4 entrances – exits with one main door on its south side, two on its west side and one on its northeast side. The Hafizyeh Hall, one of Zandian’s works, is 56 meters long and 8 meters wide and consists of 20 stone pillars, each measuring 5 meters high. The former hall consisted of 4 columns and 4 rooms, which were later removed from the room. On the east and west sides of the hall are 2 rooms (one belonging to the Cultural Heritage Organization and the other to the tomb office). The style of this hall is related to the Achaemenid and Zandian periods. This place apart from the tomb of the keeper is a beautiful and spectacular place with tall trees and colorful gardens and flowers to relieve fatigue and a spectacular promenade.

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It’s better to know that The tomb of Hafez has a long history, the original monument was built 65 years after Khaje’s death. The dome-shaped building with the basin facing it was built by Shamsuddin Mohammad Yaghmai, the original building of the tomb. Shah Abbas ordered the restoration of Hafezyeh during the Safavids and Nader Shah during the Afshar period. The subsequent restoration was done during the Zandiyeh period. Karim Khan rebuilt Zand Hafezyeh in the Zandian style. The marble stone with two sonnets written from Hafiz to Nastaliq line and placed on the tomb of Khajeh Hafiz remains to this day.

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Hafez Tomb complex is currently divided into four areas:

North area:
This area has a tomb of keepers and orange trees and two large eastern and western rectangular ponds where these ponds are the source of water for the large entrance garden ponds. An archaeologist, a library, and a cultural products store are also located in the area.

The tombstone of Hafez is one meter above ground level and is surrounded by five rows of circular stairs. Above its courtyard is a copper dome in the shape of a dervish cap on eight columns ten meters high and tiled from inside with seven-colored mosaic tiles.

Walls around the northern courtyard:
On the walls of this part of Hafiz, sonnets of the Hafiz Divan are written on tile and marble, which are written in the Kurdish script of Amir al-Aqab Hajj Mirza Abdul Hamid al- Kulam.

The Hafezyeh Library:
There is a tomb in the northern part of the library with 10,000 volumes of books that are used as a memorization center.

The best time to see Hafezyeh
Hafezyeh has its own beauty in every season of the year, but the most popular season is the spring visit to Shiraz. The hustle and bustle of the city may be a little annoying, but the enthusiasm of travelers is another attraction. We recommend going to the memory in daylight and preferably 9 or 10 in the morning when the flowers are at their most refreshing and will not bother you in the midday heat.

Ways to access Hafez Tomb 

Hafezyeh is located between the two intersections of Hafezyeh and Literature and opposite it is the Hafezyeh College of Science and Stadium. Because the Hafezyeh is near the gate of the Koran and is a busy place, it is difficult to find a park or public car park. So don’t use a private car and take the one-stop buses and the on-line and online taxis that are always available.

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Ticket Price

Entrance ticket for Iranian tourists: 3000 Tomans

Entrance ticket for foreign tourists: 20000 Tomans

opening Hours:

The first half of the year: 7:30 to 22:30

The second half of the year: 8:00 to 21:30

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