Golestan National Park

Introduction of Golestan National Park

Golestan Park is one of the most valuable environmental and tourism areas in Iran and even in the world. This national park, also known as the Golestan Forest, is the first national park in Iran to be nationalized. The diversity of wildlife has led UNESCO to select it as one of the world’s natural heritage sites. This is how they designate it as a biosphere reserve.

The area today known as Golestan National Park has a thriving history. The park has been recognized for less than sixty years. It has received the attention of the country’s environmental authorities. Golestan Park was registered as the country’s first national park nearly twenty years later. It was then that the UNESCO World Heritage List listed it. This park is one of the most spectacular places in Golestan and one of the purest places for nature tours.

Geographical features of Golestan National Park

The total area of ​​the Golestan Forest is over 90,000 hectares. But only a limited part of it is available as a park and for viewing. It starts from the west side of the village of Tangrah in Golestan province and finally reaches the village of Qarebil in North Khorasan. In this area, you can see the incredible diversity of wildlife, both plant and animal species. There are many waterfalls, rivers, and mountains in this specific area.

So when planning a trip around the area, keep in mind that you will have access to beautiful nature along the way along with animal species. The beauty of different parts of the route can make you stop your car for a few minutes to see it too.

the golestan national park

Wildlife Diversity

The Park is home to 1350 plant species, 302 animal species, and 149 bird species, and this diversity makes the National Park a great habitat. is one of the best and most important national parks of Iran. More precisely, 69 mammal species belonging to 6 orders, 21 families, and 50 genera have been identified in this specified region.

The variety of organisms living in Golestan National Park is unique in the country. There are various species of mammals and birds in the park, many of which have not yet been identified. The most famous mammals in the park are the fox species, the cat species, the bear, the boar, the goat, the sheep, the deer, and the bird. Among the birds in the park are owls, woodpeckers, capers, eagles, pheasants, and Quebec. Also among the plant species that grow in this park are berries, figs, azaleas, raspberries, pomegranates, alder, and pears.

Some of the largest carnivores that live in the park are also leopards and brown bears, rare species found only in Golestan National Park can be noted as a forest otter, this otter being valuable in the area.

wildlife golestan park

Safety Travel to Golestan National Park

You can stay in the area’s Golestan National Park, which often has basic facilities. But if you want to make your trip to this area a memorable one and make the most of your trip, you should go to the park with enough equipment. Bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to go to Golestan National Park in the summer because parts of the park that lack proper vegetation and shade can be very scorching in the summer. Also, do not forget the appropriate cover in the fall and winter due to heavy rainfall. The park has many sights, so make sure you have the right hiking shoes. Don’t forget about water, light sources (if you’re staying up at night), light food (without too much waste), as well as a camera.

How to reach the Park

Golestan National Park is unique among other national parks in the country, as it is spreading in three provinces Golestan, Khorasan, and Semnan. So there are many ways to get there. If you want to reach this park from Khorasan, you should go to Bojnourd city. It is 159 km from Bojnourd to Golestan National Park, which is about two hours’ drive. Of course, there are many sights along the way that the Golestan Forest can be a great place for your trip.

It is a small part of the park in Semnan province. So if you want to reach Golestan forest from this province, you should go to Shahroud city and from there you will reach this forest park within a few kilometers. But the main access to the park through which you can access the main part of the park is Gorgan-Mashhad road. If you leave Gorgan, you should head east to the province of Galikesh. After leaving Galikesh, you will reach Golestan National Park within 15 km.

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