Genioplasty in Iran

Genioplasty in Iran; Why & How?

We live in an era where most people are influenced by social media, Hollywood, fashion and beauty, and the world-famous in general. For example, one of the most important standards of beauty in today’s modern world is having a beautiful jaw and chin. Photos available before and after surgery by world-famous actors and actresses illustrate the extent to which cosmetic surgery is particularly effective in the face area.

One of the facial parts that can disrupt the balance and overall balance of the face is the chin. A short or small chin can negatively affect the beauty of the face shape and make the nose look bigger. In contrast, an oversized or raised chin can make the upper part of the face and nose look smaller than it is. Even slight changes in the size of the chin can significantly improve the overall balance of the face. Double Chin Removal (also called Genioplasty) is a practical name designed to correct the shape of the chin and there are many different techniques to do it.

Success in Genioplasty in Iran depends on the skill and expertise of the surgeon who does this. The knowledgeable way is to talk to several different surgeons to get a picture of their history and how they view your surgery. Do not forget to carefully examine the pre and post-operative photo galleries of each physician in Iran.

What Is Genioplasty?

In cases where the patient’s chin is too small to be enlarged by injection or prosthesis, or the chin deformity is more complex than usual, genioplasty is used. In this type of operation, the surgeon cuts the chin bone with an oscillating saw and removes part of it. Then, he moves the remaining part of the jaw forward and holds it in place using special plates and screws. After the bone has been fixed in place, the incision is closed and wrapped around the patient’s pressure bandage.

Genioplasty, also known as chin or mentoplasty, is called chin repair for the purpose of enhancing facial beauty. When surgery is performed on a small chin or cut, it is called chin strengthening. When surgery is performed to reduce the prominent chin, this is called a chin reduction operation. Depending on the type of surgery, plastic or maxillofacial surgeons may perform surgery. This method will also vary depending on the type of your chin progress.

Types of Genioplasty in Iran

There are two main types of genioplasty: sliding genioplasty and chin implantation.

Sliding Genioplasty    

In a sliding graft, the surgeon uses a saw to remove the chin bone from the rest of the jaw and move it to correct the chin deficiency. This is also called bone genioplasty.

This type of genioplasty is recommended for people whose chin is far behind the rest of their face. It can also help to correct chin-ups that are too forward and too long.

Chin planting

Chin implants can be used to reshape, enlarge, or enhance the appearance of the chin. This can be done by surgery or injection. Surgical augmentation of the chin involves implanting a plastic material into the chin and attaching it to the bone. Alloplastic implants (those made of synthetic materials) are the most common. Non-surgical chin strengthening involves the use of needles to inject fillers such as body fat to enhance chin appearance.

The Costs of Genioplasty in Iran

The cost of Genioplasty in Iran depends on the type of surgery you need. Chop implants in Iran cost from about $ 1500 to $ 3000. Bone grafting or chin strengthening with bone surgery is much more expensive, from $ 4,000 to $ 5,000 because it is a more complex procedure.

In addition, if you decide to strengthen the chin with a skin filler or a fat transfer in Iran, the price will drop between $ 500 and $ 700.

The cost of your genioplasty in Iran is about two times less than what you have to pay in other countries. For example, getting a chin implant in the US or UK can cost from $ 3,000 to $ 6,000. The price could go up to $ 7,000 and more if bone augmentation surgery is performed in these countries.

The Best Choice, Genioplasty in Iran

As you know, the cost of surgical procedures in Iran is much lower than in other countries of the world. Also, genioplasty in Iran, like other surgeries, is much more cost-effective and those who come to Iran can save on their expenses. Also, other benefits of performing gynecology in Iran are the benefits of having specialized and professional physicians in a variety of cosmetic surgeries. You are advised to see the before and after photos of the surgeries in Iran.

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