What will happen if Coronavirus defeated?

The entire world is now facing the terrible coronavirus and it’s daily killing many guys. As a result, it causes a really severe effect on the entire businesses and also industries. The same as the tourism industry. Right after defeating the coronavirus, every country will turn to normal status in terms of the tourism industry. While Iran won’t probably seem so. Iranians will be back to the time after the Ukrainian plane crash. This is flights to Iran affected a lot. Some airlines stopped flying to Iran and some others make their daily activities limited so tangible.

What airlines stopped their flights to Iran?

Counting on what official news announced, the below airlines were still ACTIVE within Iranian sky:

Qatar Airlines, Turkish, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia, Oman Air, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Al-Ettihad, Al Jazeera, Smart Wings, Sham Wings, and Airflow

In addition, the below airlines substituted their flights with Qatar Airways and left Iranian sky:

Turkish Airlines, Azerbaijani Airlines, Oman Air, Pakistani Airlines, Russian Airlines, Belarusian Airlines, Al-Etihad Airlines.

There are also flights from northeast Europe to the southern destinations of the Persian Gulf with Russian and Belarusian airlines flying from our country. Meanwhile, the two Emirates Airlines have returned Dubai and Al-Ettihad to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Moscow to Minsk and Minsk, which had been crossing Iraqi airspace the previous day, by redirecting our country.

What airlines continued their flights to Iran?

Qatar Airways never refused to leave the Iranian sky and market. In addition, Salam Air (Oman) has chosen our country’s space to travel to Europe. The planes of the two Turkish Airlines and Azerbaijan companies also continue to fly south to the Persian Gulf. Some Central Asian airlines, including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Kazakhstan decided not to leave Iranian Sky. These airlines are mainly transferring Iranians to the west Asian countries as well. This is why flights to Iran seem to be something so complicated to those who tend to travel to Iran.

Although there were bulky amounts of international barriers on the Iranian sky; but water borders were not including within these barriers. Many daily movements were floating on the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea to the rest of the world. Due to the impacts of the coronavirus, the entire world is now experiencing an unseen amount of barriers. Both for transportations and the tourism industry. This is why the entire tourism industry of Iran is facing a rare stagnancy.

We hope for any happy news for coronavirus vaccine. This is how Espad Travel will be able to provide you with Iran trips again.

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