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Eram Garden Comprehensive Guide!

It is not yet clear exactly who built the Eram Garden for the first time and therefore no specific construction date has been recorded. The only document relating to the Garden of Eram is mentioned in several travelogues, according to which it can be dated to at least the tenth and eleventh centuries AH. Shiraz Eram Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens in Fars province and even the whole country, with many domestic and foreign tourists flocking to this area from around the country and the world. This garden is located on the northwest side of Shiraz, at the intersection of East Boulevard, West Eram and North Boulevard – South Triad Mill and Jam-e- Jam on the slope of Triad Mill on the north side of the Dry River and its distance to the northern Shiraz Mountains is not high. This garden with its cedar trees, beautiful and varied flowers, and tropical trees, as well as its pleasant climate, attracts many tourists and is a must-see for any Iranian. The serenade tree of Eram Orchard has a worldwide reputation and its beautiful rose garden attracts every viewer. The main building of this garden consists of three floors. On the lower floor and on the second floor in the middle of the building is a large porch with two long columns on either side of which there are two small porches. The middle building is the centerpiece of this garden and is the most interesting aspect of the garden. The building consists of three floors with lots of decorations. The basement rooms, which are almost basements, are a place to relax on hot summer days. The decorations of these rooms are colorful tiles. The upper two floors have columns inspired by Persepolis.

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The main building of the Eram Garden, currently available and made of Nassir ol-Molk, is on the west side of the garden. This three-story east-facing mansion is a masterpiece of Qajar art and architecture in terms of architecture, painting, carving, tiling, and plastering. The lower floor, which is also the ground floor, has a main hall in the middle called the basin. There are two corridors on either side of the basin and at the end of both corridors, there are stairs to go upstairs. On either side of the corridors are two large halls. Adjacent to the South Side Hall is a spacious kitchen. In the middle of the second floor of the mansion, there is a large veranda with two long columns. Behind the porch is a large hall on either side with two corridors on top of which are two ears and four arches on either side of the corridors. On either side of the large porch are two small porches facing east, behind which are sashes and conceptions. Each porch has two small integrated stone pillars. The north and south ends of the mansion have two corridors. On the south side of this floor, there is a spacious and equally spacious kitchen on the lower floor.

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The third floor in the middle has a large hall similar to the second floor with windows opening to the main porch and two corridors on either side. On the north side of the hallway, there is a two-room mansion, and on the south side of the hallway, there is a room and a large hall. The two porches are on both sides, like the second-floor porches, and just above them is the terrace above the second-floor kitchen. This garden is a botanical garden of Shiraz University with a variety of ornamental flowers and plant species. The garden area is now used as a botanical garden to expand the teaching and research of plant science. The Botanical Garden is owned by the College of Agriculture and the Law School is owned by the Garden.

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The vegetation of the garden can be divided into 2 categories of non-fertile trees and fertile trees:

1- Unproductive garden trees include pine, maple, purple, willow, black willow, sparrow, musk willow, poplar, and eucalyptus.

2- Fruit trees in the garden include pomegranate, azalea, orange, persimmon, walnut, apricot, almond, apple, and pear. The main crop of fruit-bearing orchards is primarily pomegranate and can be considered citrus. Eram Orchard citrus trees are in line with other orchards and citrus orchards in Shiraz.

Address: Eram Garden is located on Eram Street, close to Eram Square, near the Shiraz University complex.

Access: The nearest metro station to the Eram Garden is the Namazi Metro Station, which is about a 10-minute walk from the Student Square and Eram Square, or a taxi ride to the garden.

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