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iran tourist card, all you need to know

If you want to travel to Iran, you may be asking yourself how to get a MasterCard in Iran. Well, this is not really possible in Iran; since Iranian banking is not part of international banking, your credit cards, such as a visa or a Master Card, will be useless in Iran. So, should you carry all your cash wherever you go to Iran? Here’s a solution. Read about Iran Credit Card and Iranian Tourist Card by Iran Destination, Iran Travel Agency.

Today, some Persian banks, such as the National Bank of Iran (or Melli bank ), Pasargad Bank, and Saman Bank offer Iranian tourist cards to tourists. So you can easily exchange your cash on your Iranian credit card.

For the first time, in order to solve the problem that tourists in Iran have with regard to carrying cash, they first issued the Iranian Tourist Card. These cards have a specific expiration date and you can charge up to $ 5,000.

saman bank tourist card
tourist card powered by saman bank

Details of Iran Tourist Card for Foreign Tourists

Foreign tourists arriving in Iran, especially in countries with large foreign exchange differences with Iran, face currency exchange problems. To solve this dilemma, Iranian authorities have devised a method in which the currency of the tourist, either through banknotes or master and visa cards, is converted into a currency card used in Iran, for example, if a tourist gives $ 100 to a bank, receives a card with the same credit.

Designed credit cards are available at Iran’s international airports and tourists can even register online for this card. It can be paid either by PayPal or MasterCard or by cash at the airport when arriving at the airport or by a cash machine.

For the moment, however, this platform is mostly prepared for the tourist agencies importing tours to Iran. The way it works is that the agency registers the platform, provides portal access, and cards are exchanged with tourists.

The currency inside this card is converted to the current exchange rate and the tourist can buy the riyal and return to their home country to withdraw the remaining currency, either through the agency, or through the PayPal account to zero in and withdraw the money. Return to your currency and credit card and leave the country.

pasargadae bank tourist card
pasargadae bank tourist card

Application of Iran tourist card

Since you cannot use your Visa or MasterCard in Iran, these credit cards will help you buy anything you want in Iran in Iranian currency, the Rial. You can also use all payment channels in Iran such as ATM, mobile applications, POS, internet payment, online shopping and more.

How to get Iran Tourist Card?

The National Bank of Iran at Imam Khomeini Airport is the best place to get an Iranian tourist card alone. Just before entering Iran and passing through the passport, there is a branch of the National Bank of Iran to get an Iranian credit card.

The only document you need to produce is your valid visa and passport. The expiration date of your credit card depends on the expiration date of the Tour Visa.

Foreign tourists can obtain their passports and visas by visiting foreign currency branches or issuing card kiosks.

In case of missing or damaged card it is possible to re-issue through branches or kiosk terminals.

At the end of your trip, it will be possible to convert the card rial balance into another currency.

The Advantages of Iran Tourist Card

You can exchange the remaining amount of your Iranian credit card in    other international currencies.

You can receive up to 2000,000 Rials in cash per day.

No need to open a new bank account

You can transfer money to other Iranian credit cards for any personal expenses.

You can charge your tourist cards in euros and AEDs.

Balance query is possible through ATMs, POS terminals, internet.

Iran tourist card is compatible with all Iranian POS terminals.

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