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Dowlat Abad Garden Comprehensive Guide!

In addition to being a desert, Yazd’s World City has many historical, cultural, and spectacular places that host a large number of domestic and foreign tourists every year. One of the most spectacular places in Yazd is Dowlat Abad Garden, which is located in the area of Chahar Monar. In the past, this beautiful garden was the residence of one of the rulers of Yazd and his family. Since this garden, besides the settlement, was a place to organize and organize government works, one of the most beautiful governmental and historical buildings in Yazd is located in this garden. This beautiful and magnificent garden today has opened its doors to Iranian and non-Iranian tourists and has welcomed its guests. The Dowlat Abad Garden of Yazd, more than 260 years old, is now one of the oldest Iranian gardens and has a worldwide reputation. In every corner of the garden, there is a sign of paradise that engages visitors in thought. Trees such as grapes, pine, cedar, pomegranates, and cherries are found all over the lush garden, and in the spring, the smell of roses and roses blends in, all creating a beautiful atmosphere.

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Dowlat Abad Garden’s History

The Dowlat Abad Garden was created in late 1160 by the AH by the Mohammad Taqi Khan Bafqi, known as the Great Khan. The late Mohammad Taqi Khan, who was the head of the Yazd dynasty of Yazd, first built a canal about 65 kilometers long to transport water from Mehriz city to Yazd. In the not too distant past, Dowlat Abad’s garden had so much water that some would call it a “water show,” but today the water comes from a deep well, and still its ponds are full of water that give it a sense of freshness and vitality. The garden was built with an area of about 70,000 square meters and then the Darul hokomeh Government Complex to handle government affairs. This beautiful garden contains many buildings, ponds, and fountains with lush trees and skyrocketing spaces in between, adorning the environment. Dowlat Abad’s garden was outside the city during the Qajar era, but over time it filled the urban fabric surrounding it, with the garden now located in the center of Yazd.

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World’s tallest windmill

The beautiful garden of Dowlat Abad is one of the oldest gardens in Yazd. Interestingly enough, there is a 33.8-meter-long windmill on the garden mansion, which is known as this unique and beautiful windmill, the world’s tallest adobe windmill in Yazd. The beautiful garden of Dowlat Abad is facing the waterfront and the main pond, and this masterpiece of the past is very much in line with the pond. As the pond is built in such a way that if we stand at the end of the garden passage at the far end of the pond, The whole view of the windward in the water can be seen as it progresses through the blue of the sky.

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Dowlat Abad Garden structure and facade

Arriving in the garden area of Dowlat Abad, Yazd, we find a beautiful and lush atmosphere that the garden design is one of the most unique designs of Iranian garden. Yazd’s Dowlat Abad Gardens are in line with the Fin Garden in Kashan and the Prince Mahan Garden in Kerman. One of the most prominent materials used in the building is a marble. To get to the main building, you must cross the wooden door, which has beautiful carvings on it. Upon entering the garden building, there are many rooms, most of which have a pond in the middle of the building. As Dowlat Abad Garden of Yazd, it is one of the residential-governmental gardens and is divided into two parts: inner and outer. In the outer garden, there were government ceremonies and the inner garden was actually a private residence. To the right of the main pond of the garden is the summer house or mansion, and to the left is the winter house or mirror hall.

Interior Design & more!

The inner part of where the ruler and his family live is comprised of the vestibule, the Heavenly Paradise, the harem, the dormitory, the servants’ rooms, the stables, the dormitory, the watchtower, and the private storage water. In the residential gardens, the interior was separated from the other sections and even designated a concierge or patron to oversee it.

The Exterior of Dowlat Abad Garden

The exterior of the garden is used for caravans, sporting ceremonies, ceremonies, and government affairs and includes Mirror Hall buildings, Tehrani, main lounge buildings, two markets, two watchtowers, public water storage, and a courtyard.

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