Cyrus the great day

Cyrus the great day in Iran

The 7th of Aban is one of the most important days in the history of the country;  The day after the efforts of the greatest Achaemenid king named Cyrus the Great. According to Moj News Agency, the name of Cyrus the Great or Cyrus the Great, the greatest Achaemenid king, is so brilliant in the history of Iran that thousands of years after his death, traces of it can still be seen in the minds of many Iranians.  This name is so ingrained in the soil of this land that a day has been set aside to honor him;  A day that has no place in the calendar and is recorded only in the memory and minds of the inhabitants of this land.

What’s happening in Iran in Cyrus the great day

Today, November 27, is the anniversary of the founding of the transition and the first Achaemenid emperor, Cyrus the Great, or Cyrus the Great, who relied on vast areas of Asia for thirty years from 559 to 529 BC. Everyone who lives in this land is well acquainted with the name of Achaemenid Cyrus;  However, many have only heard his name and know little about his way of life and governance.  Under the pretext of this day, we want to take a look at the life of this king.

On this day, the 7th of Aban of the year ١١٩٩ Persian equal ٥٣٩ BC, Cyrus the Great entered Babylon.  The people of Babylon thought that with the rule of Cyrus the Great they would face plunder, murder, and encroachment on their lives, property, and wives, and then they would be ruled by a tyrant and oppressor, but not only did Cyrus the Great and his soldiers not do so, but he commanded freedom and  Gave equality.

According to Herodotus, Cyrus was of royal descent, and other Greek writers, except Katzias, considered Astana, the daughter of Astyages, to be Cyrus’ mother, and reported that Cyrus was the wife of Cambyses I and Mandana.  Some modern historians consider this narration to be valid, but others believe that the narration had political roots and its purpose was to make the founder of the Achaemenid Empire a semi-material man to reconcile the Medes with the rule of the Persians.  They do not believe in Cyrus and consider it a myth.

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