Coronavirus Vaccine

The majority of Iran’s population is now challenging with this miserable Coronavirus. Unfortunately, the fourth peak of Coronavirus expansion started and these days more than 453 Iranian patients died by Coronavirus. Main Iranian cities now facing with black situation even not red. This is what the official health news of the Iranian government is publishing. just like the rest of the world, the vaccine is now the only solution to get rid of this misery. But due to the sanctions and many financial issues of the Iranian government, they couldn’t still buy vaccines. Although more than three giant Iranian companies are working on the Coronavirus vaccine, still no positive news. However Iranian government is trying to convince the people that their vaccines will be available by 3 months ahead.

The people seems extremely destroyed, just the same as their businesses. The majority of businesses faces with severe problems. Because of the coronavirus expansion throughout the entire country , the government settle specific barriers. Malls, Shops, restaurants , coffe shops, universities, schools and many other types of businesses are now closed within this fourth peak. As a result, it’s not that hard to figure out a deep sadness within Iranian people eyes; but still willing for a better future.

russian vaccine in Iran

Any non-Iranian Coronavirus vaccine in Iran?

As mentioned before, Iranian government is now working on Iranian coronavirus vaccine. But they officially declared that, It’ll be ready by next 3 month at least. Meanwhile, russian coronavirus vaccine is the only vaccine which entered Iran officially. It’s now injecting to those doctors and nurses who are dealing with coronavirus patients daily at hospitals. But the sad news is that the bulk of imported vaccine is not even enough for these guys!

Recently Iran’s ambassador in Moscow declared that these two governments made an agreement to provide Iran with 60 million Coronavirus vaccine by the next 4 months. It brings happiness to the people, but it’s not still that certain. Non-official news are declaring that some American and European vaccines are importing to Iran. But there is no official new, recently. Just like what we, as Iranian people, hope for the world, jus We’re going to ask you hope healthy days for us.

We do really miss those free days of traveling to Iran. Certainly Coronavirus vaccine will rescue the world and we will be able to invite the world to Travel to Iran, in order to explore this land of beauties.

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