Any news about the sixth peak of coronavirus in Iran?

After the miserable fifth peak of coronavirus in Iran, which was the most harmful and killing peak ever, Iranian government made the majority of vaccines import barriers vanished. As a result the number of vaccinated guys in Iran raised to more than one million dozes. Consequently, by the increase of semi or fully vaccinated guys, the number of affected cases decreased a lot. This is how coronavirus in Iran is almost permanently down and a less number of cases are getting affected everyday these day. But, Iranian government is still trying to encourage the people to take part in vaccination and avoid forgetting about hygienic protocols.

The latest statistics about coronavirus in Iran 


Coronavirus in iran

How was the county within forth & fifth peak of coronavirus in Iran

According to health officials, new conditions of Coronavirus expansion will be created in the country from the beginning of the fourth week of the corona epidemic, and the increasing number of patients due to the jump in the transmission power of the British corona virus will probably set new records of deaths due to this infamous virus in 1400.

This statement by health officials was announced from the beginning of the corona epidemic of Coronavirus in 1398, to achieve better and less costly results in such and such cooperation, the cooperation and support of the people are crucial. It is decisive.

The point that apparently, after 14 months, is still not completely clear to compatriots and statistics show that despite all the measures and restrictions of the Coronavirus that has been created, the level of cooperation and cooperation of compatriots has decreased significantly and of course significantly to the extent of public participation in law enforcement. And the protocols have been declared 58.5%, which is unacceptable for dealing with the fourth peak.

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However, the declining trend in the participation of the public in the observance of the protocols of anti-Coronavirus, considering the increase in the transmission power of the mutated virus, has created new critical centers in the country and can lead to very serious problems for the medical staff, because expert studies and experts point out that transmission power The mutant type of malignant virus is 10 to 30 times higher than at the beginning of the epidemic in 1398.

This high transmission power, considering the increase in family cycles as well as very high concentrations in public vehicles such as the subway, is a factor in the exponential and unimaginable growth of epidemics in metropolises and, of course, industrial or tourist cities, such as Tehran and Karaj. are.

In this regard, Alireza Raees, spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters, did not consider the fourth wave of Corona comparable to previous waves and added: “This wave of disease is spreading with explosive speed and the entrance of hospitals and outpatients is very high, but we have not reached the peak of this wave yet.” .
He said: “Our prediction is that this week and next week the disease will progress at the same speed and will probably reach its peak by next week, but we will not get out of the red situation of this peak soon.”

Saying that we may be involved in this wave until June, Raisi said: “By continuing this situation, if the protocols are fully observed until early June, we can control the disease.”
Criticizing the reduction of protocols, the spokesman for the National Corona Headquarters said: “The level of protocols in the red and orange cities has not yet reached the desired level and 30 to 40 percent is not observed, but all protocols must be above 90 percent to be a pandemic or epidemic.” Control and get results.

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