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All to know about CIP services in Iran

Seeking entirely exclusive & comfortable services in order to travel without any concerns and stresses is an undeniably important matter while organizing a flawless experience; this is why some international airports of Iran are providing the exclusive services as CIP ( Commercial Important Person) to the exclusive people who require these type of services. To go through CIP services reservation here in Iran, an authorized tour operator or travel agency should support you to do the process.

As an Iranian reliable tour operator, Espad Travel provides you with the best possible CIP services, counting on a severe partnership with the CIP sections of Iran’s international airports within different cities. Although the international airport of Tehran, IKA, may be well-known as the only point to be provided with the CIP services, extended Iran has some international airports, where you can be rendered with the CIP services to start your travel by a really welcoming zone. 

CIP lounges ( or halls) of the international airports of Iran has been constructed and designed , as an exclusive terminal, in a way to present a totally calm and pleasant atmosphere to the guests who are willing to be with their accompaniments before and after the flight . Within this specific part of the airport, there is no need to be concerned about the ordinary procedures like receiving the boarding card or to deliver the baggages while you’re able to rest and enjoy the buffet food service.

CIP services in details:

  1. Transfer services from/ to the airport by the formality’s cars.
  2. Transfer services to the aircraft’s ramp by an exclusive guide of CIP.
  3. Luxurious Cafe serving different types of hot and cold drinks, different types of sweets, salads, and desserts.
  4. Boarding card receiving process.
  5. Covering the whole process of both visa collection and delivering the pieces of baggage.
  6. The exclusive security gates in order to save the time more and more.
  7. Using the luxurious shopping malls to buy the reliable international and domestic Iranian brands
  8. Using the wireless internet through the whole CIP part.
  9. Being able to use the exclusive bank offices to do the desired monetary tasks.
  10. Smoking room.
  11. Being provided with specific shopping centers of Iranian Handicrafts & Souvenirs.
  12. Exclusive conference hall to have any business meetings.
  13. Specific suites for temporary stay or to have rest for a limited time.

As an evidence of being sure about high quality services to be rendered, Espad Travel years of experience in Iranian tourism market shines bright like a valuable gem. Just decide the specific type services you do require, the rest of the process will be done by our specialists. 

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