Cheek augmentation in Iran

What is Cheek Augmentation?

Cheek Augmentation in Iran also uses a variety of synthetic materials that can have varying levels of resistance from relatively hard to flexible. The prostheses used for wrapping can have different shapes and sizes, and in many cases, these prostheses are hand-made to suit the patient’s facial structure. Some types of prosthetic prostheses, such as those made of silicone materials, do not attach to the tissue of the cheek, so they can be removed easily if needed. Other types of prosthetic bone prostheses, such as hydroxyapatite prostheses, attach to the natural bone tissue of the cheeks and become part of the structure of the cheeks.

Cheek Augmentation in Iran

The purpose of strengthening the species is to increase the volume or lift the species. Some people get bored with losing weight, or even with a dagger, as they get older. Others never create the desired volume in their species and are bothered by varieties that may appear flat or thin. Planting and cheek augmentation in Iran sometimes has been introduced to enhance cheek or fill cheeks. Like other plastic surgeries, strengthening your face can make your face look younger or balance your facial features, making you more attractive.

Species implantation in Iran is a changing surgical procedure for women with slim and weak cheek structures as well as those who lose weight due to the natural aging process. Planting species effectively increases the bulge of the cheeks, converting the fallen cheeks to younger cheeks. With age, facial tissues can become thinner and tighter. Adding volume to the cheek or middle of the face area by the implant can improve facial lines and a younger look. Species implants can also give a more natural appearance to the face after healing and for other cases.

At the clinics of cheek augmentation in Iran, several types of the most effective and best injectable gels are offered for non-surgical cheeks, each with specific anti-aging properties to resolve various problems. Only a skilled expert can monitor the amount of injectable gel and determine the best gel and optimal injection areas to achieve natural results. The gels smooth the skin and make it look younger and fuller. The results of this procedure are usually immediate and sometimes improve over time by stimulating the body to produce collagen.

Cheek Augmentation in Iran, People whose cheeks structure is weak, thin, or flat, or those who have lost their cheeks beauty as they age, can benefit from the therapeutic benefits of the prosthesis. In this case, the simplicity of the face lifting surgery and its lower cost than the cost of the cheek surgery can make this treatment a beautiful solution for the applicant.

Types of this surgery in Iran

Doing the surgery with filler or injection of gel and fat

If you are afraid of general anesthesia or have not yet reached a definitive conclusion about permanent varieties, you might want to try a filler or gel, or fat injection. Cheek augmentation by gel and fat injection is an outpatient procedure and does not require general anesthesia. However, since soft and flexible materials such as fat and gel are used in the injection method, it is likely that the species may not be fully symmetrical.

Prosthetic procedure

Prosthetic cheek augmentation, made from hard tissue that is slightly softer than bone. The shape and size of these prostheses vary from person to person depending on the shape and size of the face. If a person only wants a prominent appearance, she will use a prosthesis that covers only this area.

Cheek Augmentation by bone surgery

Cheek Augmentation by bone surgery is not recommended for anyone who wishes to have an implant. In fact, this method is suitable for people whose cheeks have fractures on one side or both sides and have recesses. In this surgery, the bones are removed again from the place where they are fractured and mistakenly welded and placed in the correct place.

Cost of the surgery in Iran

When deciding whether or not to do a transplant, the cost of this treatment can be an important factor for most patients. Specifically, the cost of the prosthesis can vary depending on the surgeon selected and where the surgery is performed. In addition, costs related to blood tests, radiologic imaging, and other costs of cheek augmentation in Iran that are auxiliary to surgery should also be taken into account when calculating treatment costs.

The cost of cheek augmentation in Iran surgery is dramatically reduced if performed in conjunction with other types of facial plastic surgery. However, for the convenience of many applicants, various plastic surgery financing schemes are usually used to make it possible to pay a premium for the treatment of patients with any budget and affordability.

Also, the cost of cheek augmentation in Iran is much more affordable than in many other countries. Depending on the credibility of the surgeon, the technique used, and the cost of the clinic, the cost of augmentation can range from $ 200 to $ 3,000. As the most expensive option for the augmentation of cheeks, the cost of cheek augmentation surgery in Iran is between $ 1500 and $ 3000.

Why do this surgery in Iran?

As you know, the cost of surgical operations in Iran is very cost-effective and those who perform their surgical operations in Iran are very cost-effective. In Iran, like other surgeries, Cheek augmentation, is cheaper than in other countries in the world. Also, the high quality of surgical procedures in Iran and the presence of specialist physicians in Iran are other reasons for cosmetic surgeries in Iran.

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