Browplasty in Iran

Browplasty in Iran

Browplasty in Iran is a surgical procedure that enhances browsing of the legs and forehead and improves eyelids. Some eyebrow lifting techniques also improve forehead and wrinkles. While almost every adult over 50 years is a candidate for upper eyelid surgery, it can be a candidate for lift and forehead. The difference between upper eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift surgery is countless. With upper eyelid surgery, the upper part of the eye area improves, but the eyebrow position remains unchanged. Eyebrow lift, however, enhances the texture of the upper eyelid skin.

Also, an Eyebrow lift is more common in people 40 to 60 years of age. However, an eyebrow lift is very suitable for those with fallen eyebrows. The eyebrow lift is also suitable for people with tired, frustrated eyebrows, people looking for a delicate eyebrow lift, people who have uneven lines around their eyebrows and between their two eyebrows, and their extra eyebrows on their eyelids.

A good way to “preview” a Bruce and Lift results is to lie flat on your back, raise your chin and hold a mirror directly on your face. A common problem is that some patients are not offered the option of eyebrow lift surgery by some surgeons. Before each upper eyelid operation, an eyebrow lift should be discussed. If too much skin is removed from the upper part of the skin, future lifting may be impossible because there will not be enough skin to close the eyes.

Browplasty in Iran, also known as forehead lift or rejuvenation, is a cosmetic way to boost browsers. Eyebrow Lift improves the appearance of the forehead, eyebrow, and the area around the eye by enhancing the soft texture of the forehead and eyebrows. If the eyebrows are pale or asymmetric, you may choose eyebrow lift. The lift may also boost your confidence. Browplasty in Iran has been performed either alone or with other facial procedures such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) or facial lift.

In fact, the eyebrow lift lifts the face above the young eye to give a more fresh look that reflects a patient’s natural vibration. By removing excess pus, skin on the forehead, and repositioning the underlying muscles and tissues, the eyebrow lift can correct a heavy, eroded eyebrow, eliminate deep bumps, and cut a softer, younger-looking haircut. The upper one-third of the face was restored.

Types of Browplasty in Iran

Eyebrow lift with classic surgery

Note that this procedure is performed with complete anesthesia. Typically, the cut is done on the hairline, the line between the forehead and the hair growth site. The surgeon releases the skin from the underlying muscle, kills it, and removes the extra skin.

Eyebrow shaft with endoscopic surgery

In this method, the eyebrow lift also utilizes complete anesthesia during surgery. A few small incisions are made at the top of the forehead and are identified using a device called the endoscope. The endoscope enters the slices and sends the waves to the monitor, which is visible in the image.

Brow lift with yarn

In this way, cuts are made within the brow hairs of three to four mm in diameter and the nylon threads are bonded to the brow. These yarns are unattractive and highly resistant. In this way, by lifting and removing loose skin and stimulating collagen around the eyebrow, the eyebrows lift.

Eyebrow lift with Botox injection

This technique first uses an anesthetic cream and then injects Botox into or around the muscles in question. The eyebrow lift takes about a few minutes with a Botox injection and lasts for 3 to 5 months. This method can be combined with other methods of eyebrow lift and give more results. This method is good for removing wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, and frown lines, moisturizing and smoothing the skin, and even slowing the growth of new wrinkles.

Laser eyebrow lift

In this method, especially the eyebrow lift, the aim is to stimulate cells in the middle layer of the skin with laser energy. In laser eyebrow lift, the laser specialist focuses a network of small light pulses on the frontal skin.

Cost of Browplasty in Iran

The cost of a Browplasty in Iran (forehead lift) is around $ 1700 compared to a global cost of $ 5,000. Therefore, if you decide to have a Brow Lift in Iran, reading this article can greatly improve your knowledge about the cost of Brow Lifting in Iran and help you choose the best city and hospital for a lift in Iran.

Why Choose Browplasty in Iran?

Iran is one of the countries that has been very cost-effective in the medical field, among other countries in the world. Also, Browplasty in Iran and forehead surgery are much cheaper than in other countries. And it is recommended that health tourists who come to Iran to perform a variety of surgeries take pre-and postoperative photographs Patients, pay close attention. The presence of specialized and experienced doctors in Iran is another reason that many tourists come to Iran for surgical procedures.

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