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It seems so!!

Millions of people here in Iran are following USA election so severe. It may seem weird millions of kilometers away from US borders this bulk population are this worried. 

Counting on severe sanctions settled by probable former US President Donald Trump; the Iranian economy destroyed totally. This is why these 80 million people are hoping for Joe Biden to be the president. 

It’s so so obvious that the entire US policy against Iran won’t change entirely. But Iranians are so optimistic for a better future with new US president Joe Biden. 

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What will happen for Iran if Biden enters The White House finally? 

It’s not that clear that democratic strategies are going to make what type of decisions regards Iran matter. But history demonstrates they won’t treat as though as what Donald Trump has done. During Barak Obama presidential period; Iranian government achieved a great deal with US & European countries. This is how Iranian economy was more more efficient and fluent than the current time. 

Iranians are now hoping for different type of strategies in order to find a way to make another probable deal with US. A deal which will make any growth in economy and international relations.

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What will happen to the Iran tourism industry? 

Just like the rest of the industries here in Iran; tourism is specifically suffering from US sanctions. Both in-terms of Inbound or Outbound tourism. Donal Trump has settled a rule in order to face tourists coming to Iran with special difficulties. In addition, Iranian people face a lot of problems to receive visa to enter America or the other European countries. This is why we de severely hope Joe Biden strategies remove some or the entire sanctions and let American people enter Iran with easier procedures. 

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