Introduction of Badab Surt

Badab Surt Springs is located in Mazandaran province, Surt village, between the villages of Everest and Malkhast. These springs reach from the north to coniferous forests, and southward to the lower valleys and to the east in the vicinity of shrubs. The west is surrounding by the village of Everest.

Badab means carbonated water and surt means the intensity of the effect. These springs are considering as Iran’s second national natural resource in the year 2008. Surt springs came after Turkey’s pamu kale, the world’s second-largest saline source. And one of the important programs for its worldwide registered marsh as a natural resource. This unique attraction in Iran is worth a visit at least once. If you are planning to travel to Mazandaran province there are many tours that include sightseeing in Sari and Mazandaran province.

Fountain water leaves stairs and motifs on every path. In the distant past fountain water was very high and in an area of about 30,000 square meters, there were stairs and beautiful works. Due to drought and climate change, spring water has declined sharply in the last 200 years and only flows about 1000 square meters of water. The areas with no water can are in white color.

Features and Specifications of Badab Surt

Badab Surt springs include two springs with completely different colors in terms of color, odor, taste, and volume. The spring is rich in saline water and has a pool of about 15 meters in-depth and is mainly used for summer water. Also, this is useful for treating back and leg pain, skin diseases, rheumatism, and especially migraine headaches. Also, this spring does not freeze due to the salinity in winter. The second fountain, located upstream and northwest of the fountain, is sour-tasting red-orange-blue and sits around a little iron fountain.

The swamp is a springs of thousands of years old with many floors each with a different color and smell. You can look at this beautiful area for hours and enjoy watching it. A masterpiece formed over many years in collaboration with natural elements such as wind and water.

The sedimentary and mineral water flows of these springs over the years have produced hundreds of floors and dozens of beautiful pools of orange, yellow and red in various sizes on its downhill slope. These floors and ponds are in fact the main attraction and unique feature of the Badab Surt springs. The beauty of these classes and the special location of the fountain on the hillside and the surrounding landscape is especially impressive at sunset. The spring water is salty and temperate. Due to the presence of minerals and iron oxide, there are numerous therapeutic properties for this water. Many also consider this attraction the most beautiful fountain in the world.

Best time to visit

Visiting the springs and ponds of Badab Surt, especially in May, tires out tourists, and the curious and truthful eyes stare into the natural forests and mountains around the far reaches. The most spectacular scenes in the region are at sunrise and sunset. Where the glitter of sunlight in the ponds and the reflection of the light surrounding the nature give admirable glittering effects to the goddess that these soulful landscapes will never be forgotten by the soul and mind. Time and again nature invites friends to watch. These springs are located at a height of 1840 meters and are unique in Iran. In the countries of Turkey, America and New Zealand there are springs similar to Badab Surt.

The village of Ervest in the Sari city hosts this work and its people are well received by tourists. Every year many tourists flock to Sari to see this natural attraction and head to the village of Ervest. The historic and large village of Ervest has several old neighborhoods, one of which is Badab Surt. This neighborhood was, in the distant past, a Zoroastrian area called Surt Lengeh. It is said that the Zoroastrians worshiped God over the springs of Badab Surt with specific customs and later converted to Islam. That is why the villagers know the spring as their own and try to preserve it.

Access routes

To reach Everest village from Tehran you can use the following roads: Semnan or Mazandaran province. Of course, the roads in Semnan are less distant and safer, but the roads in Mazandaran province are much more beautiful:

Route 1: Tehran, Semnan, Mehdishahr, Shahmirzad, Ervest Village, Badab Surt.

Route 2: Tehran, Sari, Kiasar, Telmadareh Road, Ervest Village, Badab Surt.

The road is completely asphalted from the cities of Semnan and Sari to the village of Ervest, and from this village to the amazing springs of Badab Surt, located a kilometer east of the village, is a dirt road.

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