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Azadi Tower Introduction

Tehran as the capital of Iran is a magnificent city to explore like a local and international traveler. This wonderful megacity is full of unique and breathtaking sightseeing and attractions. From ancient historic places to ultra-modern and natural attractions Tehran has a lot to offer to any traveler. Azadi tower is one of the most important icons of Tehran and Iran while it’s so highlighted to Iranian people. Due to the unique architecture and the stories behind it, Azadi Tower possesses an important role in Tehran’s identity.

Why Visit the Azadi Tower : 

  • One of the most important icons and attractions of Tehran 
  • Architecture and decoration is very unique and awesome in their own style
  • One of the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises you can experience at Azadi tower 
  • An amazing place for taking photos and selfies 
  • An opportunity to see Tehran from a different perspective 
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Azadi Tower Introduction 4

Introduction of the tower: 

A great building with wonderful architecture shining among all buildings of Tehran. The tower was built before the 1979 Islamic Revolution and named Shahyad Tower. Then after the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the name changed to Azadi Tower. This tower is a famous icon of Tehran and Iran for both Iranian & non-Iranian guys.

Azadi Tower Different Parts : 

Azadi Tower is compromised by different parts as below. 

Under Ground Floor : 

The entrance of Azadi Tower is 5 meters below the surface. This entrance connects you to the underground floor which consists of many libraries, museums, and attractions as below : 

  • Iran center: It is the first part and inside this center. You will see a map of Iran showing all its cities and towns with special lighting. 
  • History hall: It hall is after the Iran center. You will see Iran’s different assets from ancient times till today. 
  • Ancient hall: It hall has exactly bowed the tower. You will see assets and different assets of different parts of Iran’s history. Also, there is a small shopping center selling Iranian handmade industries here. 
  • Mirror hall: this hall consists of different vitrines showing different concepts and industries of Iran in a rectangle shape.
  • Library: this library includes Iran history books from ancient times till today. 
  • Gathering hall: this hall was built for people gathering and playing different shows. 

Second Floor : 

This floor is at 23 meters height and with main structure and west and east structure surrounded and is used for elevator change. 

Third Floor : 

The third floor is standing at 33 meters and there is a dumb in the middle of that. On this floor, you can get to know the inner architecture of the Tower and better know its structure and building architecture. 

Fourth Floor : 

The fourth floor is standing at 39.5 meters and inside that, there are areas in which you can view the city of Tehran. 

Tehran with its over 20M population has many attractions, sightseeing and places from historic to modern and natural in which helps this city to be known for. But there is one attraction that has become the icon of Tehran and Iran and this is Azadi Tower. This amazing tower has been located in the west of Tehran and has been built before the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Its name was Shahyad Tower that after the revolution the name changed into Azadi Tower. Azadi Tower is a great place to enjoy the beauty of nature with the amazing art of Iranian architecture. Azadi tower is a very famous structure among World and Iranian and has been turned into a center of all economic, political, and social movements that’s it why has such importance for the people of Tehran and Iran.

When you enter Iran and Tehran the first place you should visit is Azadi Tower as the icon of Iran and Tehran. Its unique structure, beautiful surroundings, amazingly pleasant weather has turned this attraction into a must-see and experience attraction of Tehran and Iran. If you love to see Tehran from a different perspective and review Iran’s history as a nation then discovering Azadi Tower is a must for you as this attraction is all you need to answer your Iran questions. Access is very easy and you can easily reach Azadi Tower with any transportation system you love.

Should you have any questions about traveling to Iran or are ready to start your travel. Just contact us and we will do the rest for you.

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