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Iran as a modern country in the 21st century with thousands of years of history as a nation has been situated at the heart of the World. This means when you decide to travel Iran and flight to Iran, your options for flight to Iran are rather endless. From international airlines to Iranian airlines and from economy class and cheap international and Iranian airlines to business class, first-class, and super luxurious expensive prices  flights with exclusive features and amenities it all depends on you to what to choose and how to flight Iran based on your preferences and wants and interests. In this article, we will get to know all the exciting options you as an international traveler has for your flight to Iran.

aseman airlines
Iranian airlines

International Airlines

As Iran is the center of the World in which rather all international airlines have Iran as their main route you can rest assured that your options to choose international airlines to flight Iran are endless. Whichever country you are in and you are living in you can see Iran as a destination so it all depends on you to choose which kind of flight you want. Here are your options:

Cheap international flights

You can choose major cheap international airlines for your Iran flight if you are looking for a cheap and affordable option. These airlines offer good services and a nice flight to Iran.

air arabia
Low Cost Carriers in Iran

Luxury international flights

If you love luxurious lifestyles then welcome to the World of luxurious flights. You can choose business flights, or first-class flights if you want more privacy and if you prefer ultimate perfection then private jets with private flight attendants and chefs are welcoming you Iran as luxurious as possible.

Affordable international flights: also you choose economy class flights and your options for airlines for Iran air travel are endless here. These flights offer very good services and provide a pleasant flight from European airlines to American airlines and Turkish airlines you are being offered by a wide variety of options which let you choose a perfect flight based on your needs and wants.

qatar airways
Luxurious International airlines in Iran

Iranian Airlines

Besides international airlines, Iran airlines are also available for you to fly to Iran with ease and comfort. Iran airlines are available in rather all countries of the World and from whichever country you are in you can choose an Iranian airline for your flight too. Iran airlines include many different and diverse airlines including Mahan airlines, Iran air tour airlines, and Iran air. All these Iran airlines have a diverse range of aircraft for short and long route flights and offer you a wide variety of options from economy classes to business classes and first classes.

Now, let’s see what are the competitive advantages of using Iran airlines to flight Iran with ease and as comfortable as possible to experience a great and enjoyable Iran travel vacation:

Very affordable prices

Iran airlines offer very affordable prices compare to international flights and this means a luxurious flight by Iranian airlines is very cheap and affordable with compare to international airlines with the same services. So this is one of the main advantages of Iran airlines to choose for your Iran travel.

iranian airlines
Iranian airlines are affordable

Iran experience

As these are Iran airlines you can start experiencing Iran’s feeling and atmosphere from Iran flights directly and see a taste of Iran before you really entering Iran.


These are airlines just for Iran and exclusive to Iran so this means you are the main and only customers of these flights and this means exclusivity and receiving better and more VIP treatment by these Persian airlines.

All these advantages mean Iranian airlines like Iran air tours are fully prepared to welcome you and create a fully luxurious and truly VIP experience for your Iran travel flight, all with the cheapest and most affordable prices and expenses.

mahan airlines
Mahan airlines

The Bottom Line

As one of the most important and tourism centers of the World, Iran enjoys a great importance from airlines and air tours point of view, this has provided all Iran lover international tourists a great opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of options from international airlines with different prices and diverse range of features and facilities to Iranian airlines which offer great and VIP services with the best and most affordable prices. In the end, you as a tourist are the winner of this journey and your choices are endless. It all depends on you to which one you prefer to travel and flight to Iran.

Should you have any questions about Iran travel and Iran flights, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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