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As we’ve planned severely to make you as alert as possible about lovely Iran, this article has been written to help you put all your doubts away and to be prepared for your next trip to somewhere which is entirely different from the rest of the world, IRAN.

Before getting to the main subject, let’s start with a question of “Why to decide to a country like Iran when some negative news is about it?” The answer is right here within this article, so just give Espad Travel some minutes to clarify the main reasons of why to travel to Iran.

Reasons to visit Iran
  1. An Amazing Hospitality

Due to an Iranian traditional belief and now known as an expression, Iranian peoples’ mind is about “A guest is loved by God”; this is not just an expression, it’s an intangible fact of Iran that every tourist has faced with it as soon as entering Iran. “Dear Guest” can be a right definition of what Iranian think about the tourists; this is why they are so welcoming to the foreigners who enter their country.

Although all Iranians are not able to speak English, they’re not going to make themselves limited while facing with you as a tourist, this is how they will try to communicate with you by any possible methods in order to help you feel just right what you feel home. Based on the traditional beliefs of Iranians, the guest will help the host to receive more daily bread; so will probably be invited to Iranians’ houses to try the superb & delicious Iranian foods and drinks like the astonishing black Iranian tea.

As one of the main parts of any travels is the way to face the local people and enjoy more by getting to know with their specific traditions and beliefs, Hospitality will be an awesome fact and also a reason to visit lovely Iran. Don’t hesitate to experience something totally different in the Middle-East, Iran.

Happy Travelers in Iran
Happy Travelers in Iran
  1. Iran is an Affordable Destination

No matter you’re seeking for moderate travel or a really luxurious one, Iran is where you’ll be faced with extraordinary limitless types of services. From the most modern 5 star hotels to one-star cheap hotels, from hitchhike and backpacking travels to the fully organized high-quality travels; Iran is where you’ll spend less amount of money for each type of travel in comparison to the other countries of the world. As a result, you’ll be entirely amazed by affordable expenses here in Iran by considering the appropriate quality that you do receive. This affordability is coming from the rate of exchange between Iranian rial to Dollar or Euro; so these ages are the golden time to visit Iran like a multi-millionaire by spending the unbelievable amount of money.

iran travel
Iran is affordable!
  1. Iran is a REAL Four Season Country

By possessing awesome geographical extensiveness, Iran is where to be able to experience doing ski within the best ski resort of the middle-east while being able to lie down on the warm and sandy beaches at a very same time. Diversity can be the right concept about what is going on within the wonderland of Iran, where is possessing extraordinary mountain chains, the awesome green line of forests, untouched and unique deserts & astonishing sea sides by sandy beaches.

As Iran is one of the few world’s countries possessing this specific feature, you’d better grab this chance and make your decision of experiencing Iran’s different climate and seasons.

Iran is a four season country
Iran is a four-season country
  1. Iran, the representative of an ancient civilizations

With no exaggerations, Iran is not just a term; It is a concept of the world’s oldest civilizations. So, the more to explore it, the more you’ll find it as exciting as possible. Iran is the heartland of very ancient monuments, historical sites and better to say, where to find the oldest human settlements. Iran is where to be amazed an entirely respected highlighted guys of the old ages who has founded an extraordinary kingdom in Iranian territory by respecting the people, their rights and needs.

By embracing 21 UNESCO World Heritages, Iran can be an interesting location for those history lovers who are interested in being accustomed to some of the world’s most valuable monuments.

ancient iran
Persepolis in Iran
  1. Iran, where to taste the delicious Persian Cuisine

Definitely Iran is one of the most highlighted destinations of the world in terms of variety of foods and untouched flavors; this is why it’s not a kind of time-wasting if you dedicate a specific day of your Iran Travel to taste the Persian foods, beverages, and sweets. As a result, Iran travel will be one of the experiences to help you gain some weight as well.

The main element of Iranian foods is rice, so you’ll have different types of rice in a combination of different foods. From those specific and delicious Iranian Kebabs to different types of stews; From different types of soup to some kinds of sweets, rice will be an element to amaze you. So, don’t hesitate to taste Iranian foods in different cities of Iran, because various geographical locations have made some specific kinds of delicious foods to Iranian ethnicity as well.

Iranian Food
Iranian Food
  1. Iran is as safe as what you’ve ever thought

As a common belief among the majority of tourists who have traveled to Iran, safety can be considered. All of them do believe that Iran is safer than what they’ve ever heard of the mass media. Iran has been developed its tourism industry; this is why the government has focused to make touristic cities of Iran as safe as possible by informing the local people about the advantages of hosting international tourists. In addition, Iranian police have settled severe strategies to keep touristic circumstances like hotels’, restaurants’ and tourism attractions’ surroundings clean of any environmental violence.

safety in iran
Iran is safe!
  1. Transportation is easy and cheap in Iran

Iran is possessing a fairly well-developed transportation system that helps to move through this vast country so easy, comfortable and cheap. If you’ve planned to visit different Iranian cities, you need to know that the main touristic cities of Iran are located far from each other, this is why you should provide yourself with one of the transportation means of Iran including bus, airplane or train.

Buses in Iran are the cheapest mean to have transportations and they are available for the main routes of Iran while charging you around 10 to 15 $ for a route of 1000 Km averagely. The next affordable transportation means is train while is so comfortable and luxurious in some kind, but it won’t charge you more than 20 to 30 $ for a route of 1000 Km averagely. The fastest and most comfortable transportation means in Iran is an airplane while is available to provide you with different types of aircraft for different routes. It’s critical to tell you that Iranian airplanes are not that young or high-technology due to the sanctions, but they are safe and comfortable. Just to know a concept of expenses, for a route of 1000 Km, it’ll charge you about 40 to 60 $ averagely.

Transportation in iran
Transportation in Iran
  1. Iran is home of different tribe and ethnicities

By embracing an extraordinary vast geographical extensiveness, Iran is home of different tribes who owns an entirely specific lifestyle, culture, and traditions for themselves. So, Iran can be a real heaven for those who love to involve with the routines of the local Iranian people within the tribes who are still living with the traditional means. The most populated Iranian ethnicity is the group of Turks who are spread out through different parts of the country specially the north-western parts. In addition, Turkmen, Lur, Balouch, and Kurd are the other main Iranian ethnicities.

home of ethnicities
Iranian tribes traditional clothes
  1. Iran is home of the Persian Garden

The term of Persian Garden is the representative of an extremely unique architectural philosophy and method which has been founded and executed by Iranian architecture since thousands of years ago. Persian Garden is a not just one garden, it is the name of a king of gardens by owning specific features and are speared out within different parts of vast Iran. Interesting matter is that in each geographical location, the main strategy and philosophy has been kept, but decoration matters have been settled based on what that climate. For example, the Persian Garden on Eram Garden in Shiraz is so different in precise matters in comparison with the Persian Garden of Shazdeh Garden in Kerman.

Eram Garden
Eram Garden- Shiraz- Iran
  1. Iran is where that shouldn’t be missed!

Although Iran is located in the heartland of Middle-East, it’s absolutely different from the other countries of this region; So, you’d better not to compare it with Iraq, Afghanistan and the rests. This is especially true for Iran as a country which needs more honest and unbiased opinions of real human experience. Once you are here, you will find out that what you have observed is far from what you previously had in mind which has been created by the mass media. Maybe that’s why the people do believe that traveling makes you a more open-minded person.

After all, isn’t that what traveling and exploring is all about? Let Espad Travel to plan your trip to Iran.

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